Creating helpful, reliable, people-first content


Evaluate content based on this criteria from Google

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[Evaluate the following content based on this criteria]


Evaluate content based on this criteria from Google


Empower your content with expert guidance. Craft reliable, people-centric content that resonates. Utilize Google's criteria to elevate your material. Enhance quality, trust, and engagement effortlessly. Elevate your content game now!

  • Craft content focusing on user needs and reliability: Google's evaluation criteria for quality content.
  • Enhance content by prioritizing user experience and trustworthiness: Google's people-first approach.
  • Develop user-centric content: Google's standard for evaluating content based on user satisfaction and trust.
  • Optimize content to meet user expectations and enhance trustworthiness: Google's people-centric content assessment.


  • Improve search rankings by aligning with Google's user-focused content guidelines.
  • Increase user engagement and trust by following Google's people-first content evaluation criteria.


Description: #

If you're looking to craft content that resonates with your audience and meets Google's standards, this prompt is your golden ticket. By inputting your content, you can receive an evaluation based on the criteria of being helpful, reliable, and people-first - just as Google prefers.

Here's a sneak peek at what this prompt can do for you:


  • Receive an assessment of your content based on Google's criteria
  • Ensure your content is helpful, reliable, and people-first
  • Fine-tune your writing to meet the standards set by Google


  • Craft content that aligns with Google's guidelines
  • Enhance the quality and relevance of your content
  • Improve your chances of ranking higher in search results
  • Connect better with your audience by providing value and reliability

With this prompt, you can optimize your content strategy to create engaging, valuable, and Google-friendly content that stands out in the digital landscape. Give it a try and elevate your content game today!

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