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Find the metadata from competitor url on amazon kdp

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[url of competitor]


Find the metadata from competitor url on amazon kdp


Extract competitor metadata effortlessly from Amazon KDP URLs. Stay ahead, analyze, and strategize smartly.

  • Extract metadata from competitor's Amazon KDP URL quickly and effortlessly
  • Instantly gather crucial data for competitive analysis and market research
  • Identify key details like categories, keywords, pricing, and book description
  • Streamline your research process by automating metadata extraction from Amazon KDP
  • Gain valuable insights into your competitors' strategies and optimize your own book listings
  • Save time and effort by efficiently retrieving competitor metadata with this prompt
  • Enhance your book's visibility and performance by leveraging competitor insights from Amazon KDP
  • Stay ahead of the competition by staying informed about your rivals' metadata strategies.


Description: #

The provided prompt is designed to extract metadata from a competitor's Amazon KDP URL. By filling in the specific competitor URL on Amazon KDP, users can swiftly gather valuable metadata related to their competitors' listings. This information can be instrumental in optimizing one's own product listings, enhancing visibility, and gaining a competitive edge on the platform.


  • Extracts metadata from a competitor's Amazon KDP URL
  • Provides valuable insights into competitors' listings
  • Helps optimize product listings for enhanced visibility and competitiveness


  • Gain detailed insights into competitors' strategies
  • Optimize your own product listings effectively
  • Enhance visibility and competitiveness on Amazon KDP
  • Save time and effort by swiftly accessing competitor metadata
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