Summarize as a Twitter thread.


Summarize given text in a target language as a Twitter thread.

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Summarize given text in a target language as a Twitter thread.


Discover the power of concise summaries on Twitter with this innovative ChatGPT prompt. Maximize engagement, captivate followers, and boost your online presence effortlessly. Craft compelling tweets effortlessly and elevate your social media game with ease. Unleash the potential for clear, impactful messages in just a few characters. Elevate your tweets to a whole new level of influence and reach. Try it now to transform your Twitter game!

The ChatGPT prompt encourages users to summarize text in a target language like a Twitter thread. Benefits:

  • Simplifies summarizing text
  • Helps condense information effectively
  • Enhances language skills
  • Promotes concise writing
  • Encourages creativity
  • Improves communication abilities
  • Streamlines content creation
  • Facilitates clear and engaging messaging


Description: #

The given prompt is designed to help you summarize a given text in a target language as a series of tweets. By filling in the variables with the text you want to condense and the language you want to translate it into, you can quickly generate a Twitter thread summarizing the content. This prompt leverages ChatGPT's language generation capabilities to efficiently break down longer texts into bite-sized tweets tailored to your desired language.


  • Summarize a given text into a Twitter thread
  • Specify the target language for the summary
  • Efficiently condense longer content into concise tweets
  • Leverage ChatGPT's language generation to create tailored summaries


  • Quickly create engaging Twitter threads from lengthy texts
  • Save time on manually condensing content into digestible tweets
  • Reach a wider audience by providing summaries in different languages
  • Enhance your content strategy with concise and impactful summaries

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