Prompt: Correction EXPERT : without change anything


Correct text without changing anything in a markdown block that is easy to copy past.

Prompt Hint

Text that you want correct


Correct text without changing anything in a markdown block that is easy to copy past.


The Correction EXPERT prompt helps revise text seamlessly. Quickly refine without altering content. Enhances clarity.

The "Correction EXPERT" prompt helps you correct text without altering its original content.


  • Corrects text without changing anything: maintains integrity of the original content.
  • Easy copy-paste markdown block: simplifies the correction process for users.
  • Ensures accuracy: provides reliable correction without introducing errors.
  • Saves time: swiftly corrects text with minimal effort from the user.
  • Preserves original message: maintains the essence and tone of the inputted text.


  • Accurate corrections without altering the original content.
  • Simplified correction process through easy copy-paste markdown block.
  • Reliable tool that ensures the integrity and accuracy of the corrected text.
  • Time-saving solution for quick and efficient text corrections.
  • Preserves the original message and tone of the inputted text.


Description: #

The "Correction EXPERT" prompt is designed to assist users in correcting text without making any changes themselves. By simply inputting the text that needs correction into the markdown block provided, users can rely on the expertise of the tool to refine and enhance the text without altering the original content. This feature ensures that users can obtain professionally revised text without having to manually edit it, saving time and effort.


Features: #

  • Corrects text without any user intervention
  • Maintains the original content while enhancing its quality
  • Provides professional-level corrections and improvements
  • Saves time and effort for users

Benefits: #

  • Obtain professionally revised text effortlessly
  • Save time on manual editing tasks
  • Enhance the quality of the content without changing its essence
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