Business Model Canvas for Startups (BMC)


BMC for a new product or service

Prompt Hint

Describe the product or the service, the possible market and the neccesary resources



Unlock the power of the Business Model Canvas for startups, crafting innovative strategies effortlessly. Develop a BMC tailored to your new product or service, paving the way for success. Visualize, analyze, and refine your business model with precision, ensuring a solid foundation. Streamline your planning process, identify key opportunities, and mitigate risks effectively. Embrace a structured approach to business development, fostering growth and scalability. Try this transformative tool on ChatGPT today and revolutionize your startup journey.

  • Generate a detailed Business Model Canvas (BMC) tailored for startups and new ventures.
  • Identify key components like value proposition, customer segments, revenue streams, and cost structure.
  • Streamline your startup's business planning process with a comprehensive BMC framework.
  • Facilitate strategic decision-making by visualizing and analyzing your startup's business model.
  • Craft a solid foundation for your new product or service by outlining essential business aspects.
  • Optimize your startup's chances of success by structuring and organizing critical business elements.
  • Develop a clear roadmap for your startup's growth and sustainability with the BMC tool.
  • Enhance your understanding of your startup's business model through a structured and systematic approach.


  • Tailored BMC for startups and new products/services
  • Identifies key business aspects like value proposition and revenue streams
  • Streamlines business planning process for startups
  • Facilitates strategic decision-making and analysis
  • Organizes critical elements for startup success
  • Develops a clear growth roadmap for startups
  • Enhances understanding of business models through a systematic approach


Description: #

The ChatGPT prompt is designed to generate a Business Model Canvas (BMC) for startups looking to develop a new product or service. By filling in the variables related to their startup idea, users can receive a comprehensive BMC tailored to their specific business concept.


  • Automatically generates a Business Model Canvas (BMC) for startups
  • Customized BMC creation for new products or services
  • Tailored to the user's startup idea and business concept
  • Helps outline key elements such as value proposition, customer segments, revenue streams, and more


  • Saves time and effort in creating a structured business model
  • Provides a clear overview of the startup's key components and strategies
  • Facilitates strategic planning and decision-making for startups
  • Enables startups to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in their business model

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