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ROLLING SUMMARY for long texts that would exceed token limit

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Just enter a text continously


ROLLING SUMMARY for long texts that would exceed token limit


Introducing a revolutionary tool: "Rolling Summary." Say goodbye to long, tedious texts. Get concise summaries effortlessly. Simply input your lengthy diary or journal entry; watch the magic unfold. Extract key points instantly. Save time, reduce stress. Try it now!

  • Generate concise summaries for long texts, diaries, or journals efficiently and accurately.
  • Ideal for condensing extensive content into manageable snippets without exceeding token limits.
  • Perfect tool for extracting key points, main ideas, and essential information from lengthy passages.
  • Tailored for users dealing with large volumes of text that require succinct summarization.
  • Simplifies the process of creating brief overviews without compromising on important details.
  • Enhances productivity by providing quick and effective summaries for extensive written material.
  • Saves time and effort by automating the summarization of lengthy texts with precision.
  • Enables users to obtain rolling summaries of long texts efficiently and effectively.


Description: #

If you have lengthy texts like diaries or journals that surpass token limits, the "Rolling Summary" prompt is your solution. By using this prompt, you can effectively summarize extensive texts without worrying about exceeding the token limit.


  • Summarizes long texts such as diaries and journals
  • Avoids token limit constraints
  • Provides concise summaries of extended content


  • Saves time by quickly condensing lengthy texts into manageable summaries
  • Ensures important information is not lost in the summarization process
  • Helps maintain the essence and key points of your lengthy content
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