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Write Amazon Product title of maximum 180 Characters which is acceptable by Amazon

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Share all the product details which you have like Brand Name, Product Name, Product Features, Size, etc


Write Amazon Product title of maximum 180 Characters which is acceptable by Amazon


If you're seeking the perfect Amazon product title within 180 characters, this prompt has you covered. Craft compelling titles for your products that meet Amazon's guidelines effortlessly. Elevate your listings! Benefits: Boost visibility; Increase sales; Adhere to Amazon's standards; Create engaging titles; Elevate product listings. Try this prompt on ChatGPT and watch your product titles shine!

  • Craft compelling Amazon product titles within Amazon's 180-character limit for optimal visibility.
  • Ensure titles are concise, informative, and engaging to attract potential customers effectively.
  • Maximize character count without exceeding the limit to provide essential product details concisely.
  • Follow Amazon's guidelines for title creation to enhance searchability and improve product discoverability.
  • Create titles that include relevant keywords and key product features for better search engine optimization.
  • Improve click-through rates and conversions by creating attention-grabbing product titles that stand out.
  • Capture customer attention with titles that highlight unique selling points and benefits effectively.
  • Increase product visibility and sales potential by crafting Amazon titles that resonate with target customers.


Description: #

The provided prompt is designed to help you create an Amazon product title that meets Amazon's character limit requirements while still being engaging and informative. By filling in the brackets with details about your product, such as its key features, brand, and benefits, the prompt will generate a title that is optimized for Amazon listings. This ensures that your product title is concise, compelling, and within the allowed character count, improving its visibility and click-through rate on the platform.


  • Generates Amazon product titles within the 180-character limit
  • Optimizes titles for maximum visibility and engagement
  • Includes key product details like brand, features, and benefits
  • Helps improve click-through rate and sales on Amazon


  • Ensures compliance with Amazon's character limit for product titles
  • Saves time by automating the title creation process
  • Enhances product visibility and searchability on Amazon
  • Increases the chances of attracting potential customers and driving sales

Try this Prompt on ChatGPT for compelling Amazon product titles that stand out and drive conversions.

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