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The innovative ChatGPT prompt offers instant content analysis, effectively distinguishing AI-generated content from human writing. Discover the efficiency of this tool in verifying content authenticity effortlessly. Uncover the authenticity of any text: whether it's human or AI-powered. With just a click, gain insights into the origin of content and ensure its credibility. Effortlessly determine the unique characteristics of text, quickly and accurately. Dive into the world of content verification with ChatGPT, your go-to solution. Try it now!


Features: #

  • Identifies if content is AI or human-produced accurately and efficiently.
  • Detects language nuances to distinguish between AI-generated and human-written content effectively.
  • Provides quick verification on whether the content is likely machine-generated or human-created.

Benefits: #

  • Saves time by automating the process of content verification.
  • Enhances content authenticity checks for improved credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Streamlines content moderation workflows by swiftly identifying AI-generated text.
  • Helps ensure compliance with guidelines by flagging potentially generated content for review.


Description: #

The prompt provided aims to assist users in determining whether content is AI-generated or created by a human. By inputting text into the prompt, users can quickly identify the origin of the content, whether it was generated by AI or crafted by a human.


  • Detects whether content is AI-generated or human-written
  • Provides a quick assessment of content authenticity


  • Saves time in determining content authenticity
  • Helps in verifying the origin of text
  • Enables users to make informed decisions regarding content trustworthiness
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