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Guidelines how to write (public) prompt templates for AIPRM
··8 mins
howto tools methods Christoph C. Cemper
Creating public prompt templates in AIPRM means exposing them to 10,000s of users. This is a guide how to write them.
How to Outsmart a Robot with Your Words: A Guide to Large Language Models
··6 mins
Large language models are computer programs that learn patterns and structures of human language by analyzing vast amounts of text data. They can produce text that sounds like it was written by a human and understand context and meaning by using unsupervised learning and transformer architecture.
14 Mind-Blowing Facts about Prompt Engineering in AI
··10 mins
Prompt engineering in AI refers to the process of creating and fine-tuning the input prompts that are used to train and evaluate AI models. Here are a few interesting and mind-blowing facts about promp engineers.