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Create a team of 3 personas [Variable1], [Variable2], [Variable3] to help you decide a question [Prompt] in language [Targetlanguage] - see Tree of Thought approach

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Team to help you decide


Create a team of 3 personas [Variable1], [Variable2], [Variable3] to help you decide a question [Prompt] in language [Targetlanguage] - see Tree of Thought approach


Make better decisions effortlessly by creating a team of 3 unique personas to guide you in answering crucial questions. The "Tree of Thought" method, combined with your chosen language, will revolutionize your decision-making process. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to clarity and confidence. Let your customized team lead you towards the best choices. Try this prompt on ChatGPT now and witness the power of collaborative decision-making in action.

  • Generate a team of 3 personas to assist in decision-making using the Tree of Thought approach.
  • Customize the personas by filling in [Variable1], [Variable2], and [Variable3].
  • Collaboratively decide on a question in your preferred language with the team of personas.
  • Benefit from a structured approach to decision-making inspired by the Tree of Thought method.
  • Enhance your decision-making process by leveraging diverse perspectives and insights.
  • Facilitate better choices by tapping into the collective wisdom of your tailored personas.
  • Empower your decision-making skills through a collaborative and strategic thinking exercise.
  • Explore a unique way to approach and resolve complex decisions with the help of personas.


Description: #

The provided prompt is a powerful tool designed to assist users in making decisions effectively. By creating a team of three personas based on the variables entered, users can leverage diverse perspectives to help them decide on a specific question. The prompt encourages users to apply the "Tree of Thought" approach, enabling a comprehensive exploration of different angles and considerations related to the decision at hand.


  • Create a team of 3 personas based on specified variables
  • Facilitate decision-making processes effectively
  • Encourage diverse perspectives for better insights
  • Implement the "Tree of Thought" approach for comprehensive exploration
  • Tailored to assist in deciding on a specific question


  • Gain multiple viewpoints on the decision at hand
  • Enhance critical thinking and analysis skills
  • Improve decision-making outcomes through varied perspectives
  • Explore a structured approach to evaluating choices
  • Facilitate a more informed and thoughtful decision-making process
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