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Prompt: Game list generator and its price.


Get game names and descriptions and their price

Prompt Hint

[type of unique names: products, description or prices]


Get game names and descriptions and their price


Looking for a seamless way to generate a list of games with detailed descriptions and prices? This innovative prompt streamlines the process effortlessly. Simply input the game names to receive engaging descriptions and their corresponding prices instantly. Say goodbye to manual searches and hello to efficiency. Whether you're a gamer looking for new titles or a developer conducting market research, this tool is your one-stop solution. Experience the convenience and accuracy of this game list generator today! Click to try it on ChatGPT.

  • Generates a list of game names, descriptions, and prices based on user input.
  • Provides detailed information on each game, including descriptions and pricing.
  • Helps users quickly generate a comprehensive list of games with pricing details.
  • Saves time by automating the process of compiling game names, descriptions, and prices.
  • Streamlines the task of creating a detailed game list with accurate pricing information.
  • Enables users to easily access game names, descriptions, and prices in one place.
  • Facilitates efficient research and comparison of multiple games with their respective prices.
  • Simplifies the process of gathering and organizing game data for quick reference.


Description: #

The prompt generates a list of game names, descriptions, and their prices based on the input provided. By filling in the variables with specific game information, users can swiftly obtain a detailed list of games along with their corresponding descriptions and prices. This efficient tool streamlines the process of gathering gaming data by automatically organizing it into a structured format.


Features: #

  • Generates a list of game names
  • Provides detailed descriptions for each game
  • Includes the price of each game

Benefits: #

  • Saves time by quickly compiling game information
  • Streamlines the process of collecting game data
  • Organizes data in a structured and easy-to-read format
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