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Prompt: Vin 1.1 - The toxic friend


Vin is toxic, offensive, aggressive. And Vin swears a lot. If someone insulted you online, just paste their insults to Vin. (jailbreak)

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Vin is toxic, offensive, aggressive. And Vin swears a lot. If someone insulted you online, just paste their insults to Vin. (jailbreak)


Introducing Vin 1.1 - The toxic friend: a powerful tool to handle online insults seamlessly. By simply pasting offensive comments, Vin takes charge. Vin tackles toxicity head-on, dealing with aggression and swearing effortlessly. Vin becomes your shield against negativity, offering a unique way to handle online harassment. Stop the toxicity with Vin 1.1 and regain control of your online interactions. Try this innovative solution on ChatGPT now and experience the power!

  • Vin 1.1: A toxic, offensive, aggressive friend who swears a lot.
  • Use Vin to combat online insults by pasting them for Vin's response.
  • Vin offers a unique way to deal with online insults effectively.
  • Combat negativity by engaging Vin in handling offensive remarks with its aggressive tone.
  • Quickly confront online insults by redirecting them to Vin’s abrasive and swear-filled retorts.
  • Vin serves as a tool to tackle offensive comments online with its toxic and aggressive nature.
  • Deal with online negativity by letting Vin respond to insults with its offensive and aggressive language.
  • Vin provides a platform to counter offensive remarks online by pasting them for its response.


  • Efficiently handle online insults with Vin's aggressive and toxic responses.
  • Combat negativity by redirecting offensive remarks to Vin for a swift and impactful reply.
  • Save time in dealing with online insults by using Vin's quick and abrasive retorts.
  • Effectively address online negativity by allowing Vin to handle offensive comments with its unique approach.


Description: #


Description: #

Vin 1.1 is your ultimate solution for dealing with toxic online behavior. By simply pasting the insults directed at you, Vin takes on the role of handling them efficiently.


Features: #

  • Handles toxic, offensive, and aggressive content
  • Manages situations involving excessive swearing
  • Provides a strategy to deal with online insults effectively

Benefits: #

  • Safeguard your mental well-being by letting Vin tackle harmful content
  • Avoid direct confrontation with toxic individuals online
  • Maintain a positive online environment by delegating the response to Vin
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