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Prompt: get topical authority on your site


i want to add to my topical authority, here's a list of my current blog post:

Prompt Hint

topical authority (put here the URL's from your site posts you already make)


i want to add to my topical authority, here's a list of my current blog post:


Enhance your website's credibility with expert content. Simply input your blog posts to [PROMPT] and unlock a powerful strategy to boost your site's authority. By leveraging [PROMPT], you can analyze your existing content to strengthen your online presence effortlessly. Discover the key to establishing yourself as a reliable source in your niche. Elevate your website's reputation, attract more visitors, and dominate your industry with ease. Try it now and watch your influence grow exponentially!

The provided prompt helps you enhance your site's authority by analyzing your current blog posts.


  • Analyzes blog posts
  • Assesses topical authority
  • Identifies areas for improvement
  • Enhances content relevance
  • Boosts SEO performance
  • Increases site credibility
  • Provides actionable insights
  • Helps optimize content strategy


  • Improve search rankings
  • Enhance site visibility
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Establish thought leadership
  • Engage target audience
  • Strengthen content relevance
  • Drive more conversions
  • Maximize content impact


Description: #

By utilizing the prompt, you can effortlessly enhance the topical authority of your website. Simply input a list of your existing blog posts, and watch as the prompt works its magic to boost your site's credibility and expertise in your niche.


Features: #

  • Enhances topical authority
  • Analyzes your current blog posts
  • Provides insights for improvement

Benefits: #

  • Increases credibility
  • Establishes expertise in your niche
  • Improves search engine rankings
  • Attracts more organic traffic
  • Encourages user trust and loyalty
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