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Create a Topical Map For your site

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Create a Topical Map For your site


Enhance your website with a dynamic Topical Map: effortlessly organize and navigate content. Boost user experience, improve site structure, and increase engagement. Visualize your site's layout strategically. Streamline information for easy access. Elevate user satisfaction; build credibility. Enhance SEO with clear navigation. Unlock the power of a Topical Map to captivate visitors and keep them coming back for more. Try it now to revolutionize your online presence!

  • Generate a customized topical map for your website to enhance navigation and user experience.
  • Improve site structure by visually representing different topics and categories for easy browsing.
  • Enhance SEO by organizing content hierarchically, making it more accessible to search engines.
  • Increase user engagement by providing a clear and interactive way to explore your website.
  • Encourage longer site visits as visitors navigate through your content more intuitively.
  • Boost content discoverability as users find relevant information faster with a topical map.
  • Streamline information access by offering a comprehensive overview of your website's content layout.
  • Enhance user satisfaction through a user-friendly topical map that simplifies site navigation.


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Creating a Topical Map for your site involves generating a structured overview of the main topics and subtopics covered on your website. By inputting your site's content into the Topical Map prompt, ChatGPT will organize the information into a clear and visually-appealing map, aiding in navigation and content discovery. This feature serves as a valuable tool for enhancing user experience and SEO optimization.


  • Automatically generates a structured overview of the main topics and subtopics covered on your website
  • Organizes site content into a clear and visually-appealing map
  • Helps in navigation and content discovery for visitors
  • Enhances user experience by providing a structured layout of information
  • Aids in SEO optimization by creating a hierarchical structure based on site content


  • Improves user engagement by facilitating easy access to relevant information
  • Enhances site usability through a structured and organized content map
  • Boosts SEO by providing search engines with a clear overview of site content
  • Saves time and effort in manually creating a topical map for your website
  • Optimizes content strategy by identifying gaps and redundancies in site content
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