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Find topical sites around your target topic or keyword

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Find topical sites around your target topic or keyword


Discover valuable websites effortlessly with this prompt. Instantly locate top sites related to any keyword, enhancing research efficiency. Simplify your search process and access relevant information swiftly. Streamline your online exploration and find the most pertinent resources with ease. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and welcome a more focused browsing experience. Transform the way you gather data and elevate your information-gathering capabilities. Try this prompt on ChatGPT today to revolutionize your online research methods.

  • Locate relevant websites based on your specified topic or keyword for research purposes.
  • Discover niche websites related to your topic to gain valuable insights and information.
  • Identify authoritative sites within your industry or area of interest effortlessly.
  • Search for websites that align with your focus area to stay updated and informed.
  • Find curated lists of websites that cater to specific topics or keywords efficiently.
  • Explore a variety of websites that cover topics similar to your chosen keyword.
  • Gain access to a collection of websites that match your search criteria accurately.
  • Streamline your website research process by pinpointing sites relevant to your topic.


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The prompt aims to help you discover relevant websites related to a specific topic or keyword. By filling in the desired topic or keyword, the prompt will generate a list of websites that are closely aligned with that particular subject matter. This can be immensely beneficial for conducting research, gathering information, or identifying resources that are pertinent to your area of interest.


  • Generates a list of topical websites
  • Helps discover relevant online resources
  • Streamlines the process of finding information on a specific topic


  • Saves time on manual research
  • Enhances access to credible information sources
  • Facilitates in-depth exploration of a particular subject area
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