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Summarize an article using Live Crawling of a URL. Get a summary, top bullet points and statistics.

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Summarize an article using Live Crawling of a URL. Get a summary, top bullet points and statistics.


The Live Crawling of a URL feature in the ChatGPT prompt extracts summaries, key bullet points, and statistics from articles. Users can easily condense lengthy content into digestible insights. Discover the core essence, crucial details, and key figures swiftly. Uncover essential information efficiently. Save time, grasp main ideas effortlessly, and get to the heart of articles instantly. Try this prompt to transform dense articles into concise summaries.

The ChatGPT prompt uses live crawling of a URL to summarize articles effectively and efficiently.


  • Generates summaries of articles by live crawling a provided URL.
  • Extracts top bullet points and key statistics for a comprehensive overview.
  • Provides a concise summary of the content, saving time and effort for users.
  • Ensures accurate and relevant information is included in the summary.
  • Enables quick access to essential details without reading the entire article.
  • Supports efficient content consumption and decision-making processes.
  • Enhances productivity by condensing lengthy articles into digestible summaries.
  • Delivers a structured overview of articles, aiding in better understanding and retention.


  • Saves time by quickly extracting key points and statistics from articles.
  • Facilitates decision-making by offering a concise summary of complex content.
  • Improves information retention through structured and organized article summaries.
  • Enhances productivity by condensing lengthy articles into manageable overviews.
  • Enables users to stay informed without investing significant time in reading lengthy articles.
  • Supports efficient content consumption by providing essential details in a summarized format.
  • Assists in research and learning processes by offering a comprehensive yet concise overview.
  • Ensures users have access to relevant information without the need to read entire articles.


Description: #


Description: #

The ChatGPT prompt designed for summarizing articles leverages live crawling of a URL to generate concise summaries. By entering a specific URL, users can extract the main ideas, key bullet points, and relevant statistics from the article content. The prompt streamlines the process of condensing lengthy articles into easily digestible overviews.


Features: #

  • Extracts summaries from articles using live URL crawling
  • Provides top bullet points highlighting key information
  • Offers relevant statistics for a comprehensive overview
  • Condenses lengthy articles into concise summaries
  • Streamlines the summarization process for quick and efficient results

Benefits: #

  • Saves time by quickly generating article summaries
  • Helps in understanding key points without reading through entire articles
  • Enables users to grasp essential information at a glance
  • Facilitates research and information gathering with summarized content
  • Enhances productivity by condensing lengthy texts into concise overviews
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