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Prompt: Summarize Text to 200 Words


Provide the text that you want to summarize. ChatGPT will summarize it within 200 words.

Prompt Hint

Please insert your text here.


Provide the text that you want to summarize. ChatGPT will summarize it within 200 words.


The "Summarize Text to 200 Words" prompt streamlines lengthy content into concise summaries effortlessly. By condensing information, it offers quick insights and saves time. This tool is perfect for those seeking efficient data digestion. Embrace brevity and clarity!


  • Summarizes text into 200 words
  • Quick insights and time-saving
  • Ideal for digesting lengthy information efficiently


  • Saves time by condensing content
  • Offers quick and clear summaries
  • Facilitates efficient data digestion

    The ChatGPT prompt is designed to provide concise summaries of text within 200 words. It summarizes input text into a maximum of 200 words, capturing the essence efficiently. Users can input text they want summarized and receive a concise, accurate summary. ChatGPT condenses lengthy text into a brief, coherent summary for easy understanding. It helps to extract key information and main points from longer texts quickly. Users can use it to save time, get quick insights, and grasp information efficiently. ChatGPT summaries are clear, well-structured, and capture the core message effectively. It streamlines the process of condensing lengthy text into a shorter, digestible format.

Features: #

  • Summarizes text into a maximum of 200 words
  • Provides concise and accurate summaries
  • Captures essential information and main points effectively
  • Helps users save time and grasp information efficiently
  • Condenses lengthy text into a brief, coherent summary
  • Clear, well-structured summaries for easy understanding
  • Streamlines the process of summarizing text
  • Efficiently extracts key details for quick insights

Benefits: #

  • Saves time by providing quick, concise summaries
  • Facilitates easy understanding of complex information
  • Helps in extracting essential details from lengthy texts
  • Enables efficient grasp of key points and main ideas
  • Streamlines information processing and enhances productivity
  • Clear and coherent summaries aid in quick decision-making and knowledge acquisition
  • Simplifies complex text into easily digestible content for improved comprehension
  • Ideal for students, researchers, professionals, and anyone looking to extract key information swiftly.


Description: #

The provided prompt is a powerful tool that allows users to summarize text into a concise 200-word passage. By simply inputting the text they wish to condense, users can obtain a clear and succinct summary of the content. This feature is perfect for individuals looking to extract key information from lengthy articles, reports, or any other text-heavy material.


  • Summarizes text into a 200-word passage
  • Helps condense lengthy content
  • Provides clear and concise summaries


  • Saves time by quickly extracting essential information
  • Facilitates better understanding of complex texts
  • Ideal for summarizing articles, reports, and other written materials
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