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Paste an entire restaurant menu in the prompt and get back a comma separated list of the most popular items in order from most to least.

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[paste your entire menu here -descriptions are OK to include]


Paste an entire restaurant menu in the prompt and get back a comma separated list of the most popular items in order from most to least.


Simplify your menu analysis with just a click. Paste your restaurant menu and receive a quick, ordered list of popular items. Instantly streamline your decision-making process, saving time and effort effortlessly. Identify customer favorites efficiently and prioritize menu items strategically. Enhance your business operations by focusing on what matters most. Streamline menu planning, boost sales, and cater better to customer preferences seamlessly. Try it now to unlock the power of data-driven menu optimization with ease.

  • Quickly extract popular menu items from a full restaurant menu by pasting it.
  • Receive a sorted list of top items in descending order for easy reference.
  • Save time and effort by obtaining a comma-separated list of popular dishes.
  • Prioritize menu items efficiently from the most popular to the least popular choices.
  • Ideal for restaurants, food enthusiasts, and anyone looking to streamline menu analysis.


  • Saves time and effort in analyzing a restaurant menu for popular items.
  • Provides a quick, organized list of top menu selections for better decision-making.
  • Streamlines menu item prioritization from most to least popular, aiding in planning.
  • Ideal tool for restaurant owners, food critics, and menu enthusiasts seeking efficiency.


Description: #

The provided ChatGPT prompt allows you to quickly extract a comma-separated list of the most popular menu items from a restaurant menu. By pasting the entire menu into the prompt, you will receive a sorted list of popular items, starting from the most favored to the least popular ones. This feature streamlines the process of identifying the key menu items that customers are likely to prefer, helping you make informed decisions about your restaurant offerings.


Features: #

  • Quickly extract popular menu items
  • Receive a sorted list from most to least popular
  • Streamline decision-making for restaurant offerings

Benefits: #

  • Save time analyzing menus
  • Optimize menu selections based on customer preferences
  • Enhance efficiency in restaurant management
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