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Discover the power of collaborative prompt creation! Unveil tested, multi-lingual templates for success. Learn to: utilize placeholders, craft clear metadata, and test thoroughly. Join us in building an exceptional prompt repository. Let's elevate together!

  • Collaborate with the community to create standardized, multilingual, and tested prompt templates.
  • Establish guidelines for stable, high-quality public templates with clear metadata and thorough testing.
  • Utilize [PROMPT] and [TARGETLANGUAGE] placeholders effectively to enhance template quality.
  • Join to build an exceptional prompt library and contribute to the success of all users.
  • Ensure success by following tips on writing, testing, and sharing prompt templates.
  • Enhance the quality and usability of prompts by adhering to community-established standards.
  • Create reusable templates that cater to multiple languages and benefit all users worldwide.
  • Engage with the community to set standards, share templates, and improve prompt quality together.


  • Improved prompt quality
  • Enhanced user success
  • Standardized templates for easy sharing
  • Increased community collaboration
  • Multilingual support and usability
  • Clear metadata for better understanding
  • Thoroughly tested templates
  • Establishing a robust prompt library


Description: #

The ChatGPT prompt fosters collaborative prompt creation allowing users to craft superior prompts together. By adhering to shared standards for prompt templates within the community, users can enhance their writing and ensure widespread success.

Key benefits and features of this prompt include:


  • Encourages setting standards for prompt sharing
  • Facilitates the creation of reusable, multilingual prompt templates
  • Emphasizes the importance of testing templates before release
  • Guides users on using placeholders like [PROMPT] and [TARGETLANGUAGE]
  • Promotes clear metadata writing for effective prompts


  • Enhances prompt quality and stability
  • Supports users in succeeding with their prompts
  • Encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing within the community
  • Ensures consistency and reliability in prompt creation
  • Helps build a robust library of exceptional prompts for diverse needs

Join the movement to build an exceptional prompt library collaboratively and elevate your prompt writing skills. Craft prompts that stand out, follow best practices, and contribute to a rich repository of effective templates. Let's build better prompts together!

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