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7 months ago



Create a docker-compose and variable file for deployment of an application.

Prompt Hint

docker, compose, homelab, deployment, container, ci/cd, network


Learn more about the latest prompt: Docker-Compose Get the details such as Create a docker-compose and variable file for deployment of an application.

Prompt Description

Sure! Here's an example of a docker-compose.yml file and a .env file for deploying an application using Docker Compose: docker-compose.yml: ```yaml version: '3' services: web: image: nginx:latest ports: - ${APP_PORT}:80 environment: - APP_ENV=${APP_ENV} volumes: - ./app:/usr/share/nginx/html db: image: mysql:latest environment: - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=${DB_ROOT_PASSWORD} - MYSQL_DATABASE=${DB_NAME} - MYSQL_USER=${DB_USER} - MYSQL_PASSWORD=${DB_PASSWORD} volumes: - db_data:/var/lib/mysql volumes: db_data: ``` .env file: ``` APP_PORT=8080 APP_ENV=production DB_ROOT_PASSWORD=secret DB_NAME=myapp DB_USER=myuser DB_PASSWORD=mypassword ``` In this example, we have two services: "web" and "db". The "web" service uses the nginx image and maps the specified APP_PORT to port 80 inside the container. The APP_ENV environment variable is also set to the value specified in the .env file. The web service also mounts the ./app directory to /usr/share/nginx/html inside the container. The "db" service uses the mysql image and sets the necessary environment variables for configuring the database. The db service also mounts a volume called "db_data" to persist the MySQL data. The .env file contains the values for the environment variables used in the docker-compose.yml file. To deploy the application, you can run the following command: ``` docker-compose up -d ``` This will start the services defined in the docker-compose.yml file in detached mode.

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