Best Recipes Ever


Write just name of the recipe you want to try. need 5 upvotes so I publish my new prompt free for all. please upvote!

Prompt Hint

[Recipe Name]


Write just name of the recipe you want to try. need 5 upvotes so I publish my new prompt free for all. please upvote!


Discover the ultimate recipe treasure trove with just a click. Unleash your culinary creativity now!

  • Engage users to share recipe names for publication by garnering 5 upvotes on their prompt.
  • Create a recipe-sharing prompt with a simple request for recipe names.
  • Encourage participation by offering a new prompt free for all after reaching 5 upvotes.
  • Prompt users to upvote by appealing to their desire for free access to new content.
  • Drive engagement by incentivizing users to contribute and support each other's prompts.
  • Foster community interaction through a shared goal of reaching 5 upvotes for free content.
  • Empower users to influence content publication by promoting their desired recipe names.
  • Cultivate a sense of collaboration and community by enabling users to collectively unlock new prompts.


Description: #

The "Best Recipes Ever" prompt encourages users to share the name of a recipe they want to try in order to gather upvotes for publishing a new prompt. By submitting the name of a recipe, users can contribute to the community and unlock a new free prompt once it reaches five upvotes. This interactive prompt fosters engagement and collaboration among users, allowing them to showcase their favorite recipes and discover new ones shared by others.


  • Users can input the name of a recipe they wish to try
  • Encourages community participation and engagement
  • Requires five upvotes for the prompt to be published
  • Facilitates sharing and exploring a variety of recipes
  • Provides an opportunity for users to contribute and benefit from a free prompt


  • Discover new and exciting recipes from a diverse range of contributors
  • Engage with a community of like-minded individuals interested in cooking and trying new dishes
  • Showcase your favorite recipes and potentially influence the creation of a new prompt
  • Collaborate with others to reach the upvote goal and unlock a free prompt for all users
  • Enjoy a fun and interactive way to share culinary interests and expand your recipe repertoire
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