Resume Critics


Provide criticisms for your resume.

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Provide your resume content


Provide criticisms for your resume.


Improve your resume with expert feedback. Receive constructive criticisms to enhance your job prospects. Stand out.

The AI-powered Resume Critics prompt provides constructive feedback on your resume for improvement.

  • Receive detailed critiques
  • Enhance resume content
  • Improve formatting
  • Boost overall presentation
  • Tailored feedback for each section
  • Identify areas for enhancement
  • Professional guidance for resume optimization
  • Elevate your resume to stand out in job applications


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The "Resume Critics" prompt on ChatGPT allows you to receive valuable feedback on your resume, helping you improve its overall quality and effectiveness. By filling in the necessary details, you can obtain constructive criticisms and suggestions to enhance your resume and increase your chances of impressing potential employers.


  • Receive detailed critiques on your resume content, formatting, and structure
  • Get personalized feedback tailored to your specific industry or job application
  • Identify areas of improvement to make your resume more compelling and professional
  • Understand common mistakes and how to rectify them for a more impactful resume
  • Enhance the overall presentation and clarity of your resume to stand out to recruiters


  • Improve your resume writing skills with expert insights and recommendations
  • Increase your chances of landing job interviews by optimizing your resume
  • Save time and effort by receiving direct feedback on your resume from ChatGPT
  • Tailor your resume to specific job roles or industries for better results
  • Gain confidence in your resume by addressing weaknesses and leveraging strengths

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