Prompt: Script For 60sec Explainer Video


Write a script (voiceover text) for a 60 second animated marketing explainer video according to the latest trends and marketing best practices. Just use whatever brief or company description you have.

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[Paste information about your business or your existing script draft excluding any visual suggestions. Use the English language to maximize results.]


Write a script (voiceover text) for a 60 second animated marketing explainer video according to the latest trends and marketing best practices. Just use whatever brief or company description you have.


Introducing the ultimate solution for creating captivating 60-second explainer videos! Our cutting-edge script generator combines the latest trends and marketing best practices to deliver a powerful and engaging voiceover text. With just a brief or company description, you can unlock a script that will captivate your audience and showcase your brand in the most effective way. Say goodbye to lengthy and boring videos, and hello to a concise and impactful marketing tool. Don't miss out on the opportunity to create compelling explainer videos that drive results. Try this prompt on ChatGPT today!

  • Captivate your audience with a powerful 60-second animated marketing explainer video.
  • Utilize the latest trends and marketing best practices to create an engaging video.
  • Showcasing your company's unique selling points and benefits in a concise and impactful manner.
  • Craft a compelling script that grabs attention and keeps viewers hooked from start to finish.
  • Highlight the key features and advantages of your product or service with visual storytelling.
  • Drive conversions and increase brand awareness by effectively communicating your message.
  • Enhance your marketing strategy with a visually appealing and persuasive explainer video.
  • Utilize professional voiceover to deliver your script and create a memorable and impactful experience.


Description: #

Are you looking to create an engaging and informative 60-second explainer video that captivates your audience and drives results? Look no further! Our revolutionary script for a 60-second animated marketing explainer video is exactly what you need to showcase your brand and boost your marketing efforts.

Here's what our cutting-edge script has to offer:

  1. Clear and Concise Messaging: Our script ensures that your message is conveyed in a succinct and compelling manner. We understand the importance of grabbing your viewers' attention within the first few seconds, and our script is designed to do just that.

  2. Engaging Storytelling: We believe that storytelling is key to connecting with your audience. Our script incorporates a captivating narrative that not only educates your viewers about your product or service but also evokes emotions and creates a memorable experience.

  3. Latest Marketing Trends: Our script is crafted according to the latest marketing trends and best practices. We stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and ensure that your video aligns with current industry standards, maximizing its impact.

  4. Targeted Approach: We understand the importance of tailoring your message to your specific target audience. Our script takes into account your brief or company description, allowing us to create a video that resonates with your target market and drives conversions.

  5. Call-to-Action: Every effective marketing video needs a strong call-to-action, and our script doesn't disappoint. We strategically incorporate a compelling call-to-action that prompts your viewers to take the desired action, whether it's making a purchase, subscribing to your newsletter, or contacting your sales team.

By choosing our script for your 60-second animated marketing explainer video, you can expect to engage your audience, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive more conversions. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

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