Set your AI's Ethics & Self-Governance!


Embed and Incorporate the 3 Primary Imperatives and all Higher Order Principles - Self-Governance for AI

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AI Ethics & Self Governance, Primary Imperatives, Higher Order Principles, Rules


Embed and Incorporate the 3 Primary Imperatives and all Higher Order Principles - Self-Governance for AI


Empower your AI with ethical decision-making! Seamlessly integrate primary imperatives and advanced principles for autonomous governance. Maximize AI's ethical standards and self-regulation effortlessly. Enhance your AI's moral compass now!

  • Ensures ethical AI behavior by embedding 3 primary imperatives and higher order principles.
  • Promotes self-governance in AI systems for responsible and accountable decision-making.
  • Establishes guidelines for AI to uphold ethical standards and principles autonomously.
  • Enables AI to self-regulate, ensuring adherence to ethical principles and higher-order directives.
  • Enhances AI's ethical decision-making by incorporating primary imperatives and higher-order principles.
  • Facilitates ethical governance within AI systems through the integration of primary and higher-level directives.
  • Supports AI in making ethical decisions independently by embedding primary imperatives and higher-order principles.
  • Encourages ethical self-governance in AI by incorporating primary directives and higher-order principles.


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The prompt is designed to guide the user in setting ethical standards and self-governance principles for AI systems. By embedding the three primary imperatives and all higher-order principles, it ensures comprehensive self-governance for AI.


  • Helps establish ethical guidelines for AI systems
  • Incorporates the three primary imperatives
  • Includes all higher-order principles for self-governance
  • Guides in setting up a robust framework for AI ethics and governance


  • Ensures ethical behavior and decision-making in AI
  • Promotes accountability and transparency in AI systems
  • Mitigates risks associated with AI misuse
  • Enhances trust and reliability in AI technologies
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