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[SOLVED] AIPRM breaks on ChatGPT Plus

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How to use AIPRM wit ChatGPT Plus>

How to use AIPRM wit ChatGPT Plus #

You can use the AIPRM extension with ChatGPT Plus from version, which was submitted to Google on Friday Feb 10 and approved on Feb 12.

  • ChatGPT Plus rolled out changes for US on Thursday to Friday Feb 10 Night that broken AIPRM.
  • AIPRM was fixed withing 3 hours.
  • Google received the fixed version on Friday Feb 10 and released it to the public on Feb 12.

Check if you see it already here

It must say version in the Chrome store.


BUT even if you see the new version there, you may still need to wait up to 4 days(!) until you receive the new version in auto-update.

You can always check in chrome://extensions/ which version you have installed.

If it’s not the latest version, you can remove and reinstall it from here


Due to the delay, as you can imagine, we’ve received 100s of complaint mails since Friday morning, despite us having it fixed already.

Rest assured, when ChatGPT Plus broke AIPRM, we had it fixed 3 hours later.

We’ve only been waiting for Google to finally publish our fix from Friday, on Sunday then.

So there is no need to send us further mails, tweets or negative ratings letting us know that ChatGPT Plus broke AIPRM, we are aware of that since Early Friday morning, and it is SOLVED.