How To Make Money From A Blog With ChatGPT

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Imagine a world where your words turn into cash.
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Imagine a world where your words turn into cash. Welcome to blogging with ChatGPT, where AI means “Amazing Income” with minimal manual time and effort. ChatGPT, a brilliant tool from OpenAI, is changing the game for bloggers and content creators.

It’s like having a writing helper, ready 24/7 to create top-notch content. This isn’t just a tech fad, it’s a real way to make money from your love for blogging.

Excited? Let’s dive into the exciting blend of AI and blogging, and see how ChatGPT can be your next big earner. Whether you’re starting a side hustle, or want to launch a full-fledged agency with ChatGPT, we’ve got you covered.

The Potential of Making Money with Blogs>

The Potential of Making Money with Blogs #

Blogging involves publishing content on a website to share thoughts, ideas, and personal stories with others. It can be helpful for making yourself known online or helping a business gain awareness and increase authority in a space. But now, more and more people are seeing that blogging can also make you money.

Let’s take a quick look at the ways you can make money from a blog:

  • Running Ads: Bloggers can monetize their sites by hosting advertisements. These could be in the form of banner ads, pop-ups, or sidebars.
  • Affiliate Marketing: This is when bloggers promote stuff from companies on their blogs. If a reader buys something using the blogger’s special link, the blogger gets a portion of the sale.
  • Sponsored Content: This is content that companies pay for to be posted on a blog. They want to reach the people who read the blog, so they pay the owner of the blog to post a certain article, oftentimes promoting the company or its products.
  • Selling Products or Services: Bloggers can make money by selling things they created or services they offer. For instance, they might sell items that go along with what they write about, like clothes or accessories. This way, they earn money directly and become an expert in what they do.
  • Offering Content Services: If a blogger is really good at creating content, they can use their skills to help others and get paid for it. They might write blog posts, make social media content, or create materials for companies to promote their products. 
AI Tools to improve your blogging>

AI Tools to improve your blogging #

Now that you understand how many can be made with a blog, we are going to dive into a few different AI tools, particularly ChatGPT and AIPRM, that can help you optimize and monetize your blog strategy.

  1. ChatGPT:
    ChatGPT can be used to generate different types of content like blog posts, articles, and more. It can write text that sounds like a real person and has been trained in many different subjects. Pulling information from all over the internet, it can help with coming up with ideas, organizing content, finding specific keywords, and even making content easy to read. It takes the long hours of ideating and creating blogs out of the process so you can focus on editing and ensuring accuracy.
  2. AIPRM:
    The AIPRM extension for ChatGPT provides an expansive catalog of one-click prompts that can be shared among users. These templates cover a wide range of blogging tasks, making it easier and quicker to use ChatGPT for your content creation process.
  3. Grammarly:
    Grammarly is an online writing tool that helps fix mistakes in grammar and spelling. It can also make your writing clearer and shorter, and it can find if you’ve copied something from somewhere else. It uses more basic AI to suggest grammatical changes to ensure you are correctly saying what you want.
  4. Midjourney:
    Midjourney is a tool that can automatically create compelling pictures for your blog. It uses specific details of what you want in the image to make unique pictures for your posts. Using Midjourney can make your blog look nicer and attract more interest.

Remember, while these tools can significantly aid your blogging process, they don’t eliminate the need for a thorough review and editing process to ensure your content meets the highest standards of quality and value to your audience.

How to Incorporate ChatGPT in Blogging>

How to Incorporate ChatGPT in Blogging #

You understand how blogs make money and a few tools that can help you do so, but how can ChatGPT specifically help you with your blog creation and strategy?

Topic Brainstorming>

Topic Brainstorming #

When you’re a blogger, having new and interesting ideas is vital. But if you’re a small business just getting started, it can be hard to think of captivating, unique ideas. That’s where ChatGPT comes in. It’s like having your own idea machine! It helps make brainstorming easier by suggesting new topics for you to write about.

aiprm screenshot of topic ideas for a small business

You can also try certain AIPRM prompts. With some personalized input, preprogrammed prompts can generate writing topics for you with just one click so you automatically have a list of great blog ideas to build from.

Keyword Strategy>

Keyword Strategy #

For small businesses, figuring out which keywords to use can be tricky. But with ChatGPT and AIPRM, it becomes easier and much faster. This tool can help you find the best keywords that people are searching for, which can make your blog more visible online.

AIPRM screenshot example using prompt for keyword strategy of a small business.

AIPRM also has a keyword strategy tool that gives you topics to write about to rank higher for your chosen keyword.

Drafting the Blog Post>

Drafting the Blog Post #

The blank page can be the arch-nemesis of many small businesses trying to break into blogging. ChatGPT lends a hand here by providing a thorough rough draft. This tool helps in structuring your blog post effectively, keeping your audience engaged, and invested in your narrative.

aiprm content brief small business example

You can also give the AIPRM content brief prompt a try. It can help you create a structure for your content and get started with the creation process.

SEO Optimization>

SEO Optimization #

Navigating the complex world of SEO can be a tough task for small businesses. Here, ChatGPT steps in as your personal guide, helping to optimize your blog posts for search engines. With its assistance, your posts have a higher chance of gracing the top spots in search results.

aiprm screenshot of a prompt - a small business example

You can use this sample prompt (But AIPRM has a larger selection of optimized prompts):

I’m looking to optimize my blog post on [TOPIC]. I want ChatGPT to help me generate engaging and informative content. Please provide me with valuable insights, relevant examples, and suggestions to make my blog post more captivating and SEO-friendly. Focus on incorporating keywords related to [MAIN KEYWORD]. Additionally, feel free to add a creative twist to the content to make it stand out.

Making Images>

Making Images #

A picture says a thousand words! So, add some to your blog to make it more interesting and visible. Finding the right image can be hard, but don’t worry. You can use AIPRM Midjourney prompts that create detailed Midjourney prompts, so the tool can create the perfect image for your content. 

AIPRM Screenshot of a prompt to use with AI image generator Midjourney

Like magic, with a proper prompt, Midjourney will make an image for you. With ChatGPT and Midjourney, your blog will be more colorful and interesting.

Proofreading and Grammar Check>

Proofreading and Grammar Check #

It’s really important for small businesses to look professional and make sure there are no mistakes. ChatGPT can help with that! It acts like a careful editor, finding and fixing any errors in your posts. This way, your writing will be perfect and polished so you present yourself as a complete professional who cares about their work.

AIPRM Screenshot proofreading prompt example for small businesses

For spelling errors, try AIPRM Auto Correct Your Text. And for real-time grammar and plagiarism checks, use Grammarly to help ensure accuracy.

Creating Calls-to-Action>

Creating Calls-to-Action #

Creating calls to action that work well is a skill. Luckily, ChatGPT is like a talented artist that can help you make powerful calls to action. These prompts encourage your readers to take desired actions, making your posts more effective.

AIPRM screenshot of a prompt for call to actions for a small business
Final Thoughts>

Final Thoughts #

Using AI tools like ChatGPT and AIPRM can completely change how you blog.

They can make your work easier and help you get things done faster. These tools can assist you with coming up with ideas to analyze how well your blog is doing. They make the whole process smoother and easier to handle. 

You shouldn’t miss out on this chance. Click here to try AIPRM’s free extension and make your blogging journey even better! It’s time for your small business to stand out online. Are you ready to start?

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