How to Create a Brand Style Guide With ChatGPT

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Learn how you can use ChatGPT and AIPRM to create an entire brand style guide. Get guidance on messaging, tone of voice, logo advice, color palettes, fonts, and more.

If you want to see the power of the brand, look at what’s going on with Twitter and X.

Elon Musk decided to rebrand Twitter on a whim. Years of brand equity down the drain.

Millions of small businesses are asking themselves, “Do we keep the old Twitter logo on our website? Printed Materials? In-store signage?”

This is a masterclass on why you don’t mess with your brand without a lot of consideration around the consequences.

But you might have a clean slate. You’ve NEVER put in the time to consider your brand style. Because you have other important things to do.

This is exactly why you are here; you understand creating a brand is something your business needs but have not gotten around to it yet.

Maybe establishing your brand hasn’t been a priority in the chaos of starting and running a business. Or you’re not sure what you need to include to create an effective brand. Perhaps you are even trying to understand your own brand before getting into the weeds.

With many steps and factors to consider, how do you effectively create a brand style for your business?

A 2020 B2B Marketing Leaders report shows that 77% of marketing experts agree that a strong brand and brand strategy is vital to growth.

Plus, a 2020 survey from Cision, shares that over 75% of shoppers choose products based on the brand, not just the product name.

But the million-dollar question is – how do we make a great brand?

Well, that’s where ChatGPT and AIPRM, a super source of top-quality prompts, come in. 

Using these tools together makes creating a brand guide easy and efficient. Plus, they can spark many unique ideas. The power of AI in shaping an engaging brand is special because it can answer important questions you may not be aware of and take hours of manual effort out of the brand creation process.

So, are you ready to jump into the future of technology in branding?

What are Brand Style Guidelines and Why They Matter>

What are Brand Style Guidelines and Why They Matter #

Think of a brand style guide as a compass.

It shows the way how your brand should look. It sets rules for logos, colors, fonts, and pictures. 

Take Netflix as an example. Their logo guidelines emphasize simple elegance. The simple shadow used in the “N” that connects each line of the letter represents an endless stream of content. It’s all portrayed with a simple font and a bright scarlet red color that is easily identifiable.


Another great example of a strong brand style is Coca-Cola. Their whimsical cursive font is practically synonymous with Coke not only because of the scale of the company but because their font is unique and portrays a certain elegance while also feeling fun and lively.


Additionally, a style guide ensures your brand stays the same across different places like your website, social media, and even physical stores. 

Nike does an amazing job of this across their different entities by displaying their extremely recognizable logo on their social media profile pictures, across their website, and on every storefront.


According to Stackla, 88% of consumers feel that authenticity plays a large role in which companies they decide to support, and this authenticity is largely built through consistent branding efforts. Consistency not only fortifies your credibility but also cultivates a powerful bond with your audience as they begin to associate your brand with their lifestyle and preferences.

And here’s an interesting fact: more than 80% of investors say they’re guided by name recognition when deciding where to put their money. 

So a brand style guide can also help build brand recognition. In short, a well-crafted brand style guide is not just a plan but a powerful tool to help your business succeed.

ChatGPT for a Brand Style Guide: A Brief Overview>

ChatGPT for a Brand Style Guide: A Brief Overview #

ChatGPT, a chatbot tool for human-like text generation from OpenAI, is leading the way during the artificial intelligence boom.

Thanks to new machine learning tech, it can write text almost like it’s from a human, all based on prompts you give it. 

So why should this matter to business owners?

Business owners are always looking for ways to simplify processes and cut costs. Brand automation is becoming more of a must-have than a nice-to-have.

Bynder’s 2021 report found that 55% of marketers think automating branding can make their work more efficient and effective. ResearchGate also revealed that 87% of companies plan to embrace this form of marketing automation.

ChatGPT can help here by taking on tasks like creating brand style guides and strategies while helping complete some of the manual tasks that are required in the branding process.

To maximize its value and benefit, you need to feed ChatGPT good-quality prompts to get high-quality output. That’s where the AIPRM Chrome extension comes in. It’s a tool that’s great at providing pre-made, top-level prompts with the goal of returning useful output. 

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How to Create a Brand Style Guide With ChatGPT in 6 Steps>

How to Create a Brand Style Guide With ChatGPT in 6 Steps #

Let’s see how these two tools can help you create a solid and practical brand style guide. So stay with us as we dive into the future of AI-powered branding.

Step 1: Get Brand Recommendation Ideas>

Step 1: Get Brand Recommendation Ideas #

Imagine this: you’re starting a business. Your idea is to bring unique spices from all over the world right to customers’ kitchens.

How can ChatGPT help with your branding?

Here’s how it works:

You give ChatGPT a clear prompt. Want a refresher on the keys to a great prompt? Check out this video and read the play-by-play:

Now, let’s take our insights on Prompt Engineering and put together a crafted prompt for Brand Recommendations.

Act as a brand marketing expert who is proficient in world spices and seasonings. List 5 branding tips for a spices and seasonings business that includes 3 brand values. An example of one of our brand’s values is providing an exciting, unique shopping experience for customers as many similar businesses offer a home-like, bland experience for customers. The brand must speak to those of all ethnicities and cultures who have limited disposable income but put emphasis on using quality ingredients in their food.

The AI then gives you creative and helpful suggestions. It might say to include ideas of travel, food adventures, and busy spice markets in your branding. 


If you don’t want to build the prompt yourself, you can take a nice 1-Click shortcut with this AIPRM Prompt.

Prompt: 7 Question Brand Story


These ideas show your business’s worldwide journey and focus on quality. This makes your branding stand out and gives people something to talk about. So, AI becomes a creative teammate, helping to create a branding strategy that’s not just unique but tells a story.

Step 2. Insights and Suggestions on Messaging>

Step 2. Insights and Suggestions on Messaging #

As you build your global spice delivery service, you’ll need to decide on the look and message of your brand. This is another area where ChatGPT can be a huge help.

For example, you might give ChatGPT a prompt like:

Act as a brand marketing expert who is proficient in world spices and seasonings. Suggest visual elements and key messages for a global spice delivery service that focuses on authentic and diverse flavors. For spices like black pepper, turmeric, paprika, and more from around the world, provide image options and optimized messages that grab customers’ attention by highlighting the spice’s features and uses. The suggestions should be in line with the business’s brand and attract users to order the spice.

The AI could then give you insights like using images of colorful spices and maps of the world. For messaging, it might suggest emphasizing the freshness of your spices and the cultural experiences they can bring to the kitchen.


This advice from ChatGPT helps you create a brand that tells a story visually and verbally. It shows customers the global journey of your spices and the unique flavors they can add to their meals.

Step 3. Ensure Consistency and Coherence with Custom Profiles>

Step 3. Ensure Consistency and Coherence with Custom Profiles #

Keeping a consistent brand image is vital to building trust with customers. This means your global spice delivery service should look and feel the same across all platforms. ChatGPT can help with this, too.

You might ask ChatGPT:

How can we keep a consistent and coherent brand image for our global spice delivery service? Answer as a brand marketing and spice expert who is focused on building the authority of a newer brand that will resonate with people from all cultures and food backgrounds. The strategies provided should be specific to a spice delivery service whose brand is based on providing a unique shopping experience that is both fun and exciting while being sophisticated and knowledgeable. Provide suggestions like logo design, color, font, and messaging.

Based on this prompt, the AI could give you ideas like using the same color scheme and logo style across your website, social media, and packaging. It might also suggest always pairing images of your spices with stories of their origin.

Here’s the output:


With these tips from ChatGPT, your brand can create a consistent and meaningful image. This makes it easier for customers to recognize and connect with your brand. Making it easier for consumers to connect with your brand comes largely from the voice and writing style used in your content, messaging, and other forms of marketing or communication.

AIPRM makes it easier to establish your voice by offering custom tones and writing styles feature allowing you to choose the style for your output so everything you get out of ChatGPT and AIPRM is in line with your message.


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Step 4. Defining the Brand Identity with AI>

Step 4. Defining the Brand Identity with AI #

You need to clearly define your identity to create a successful brand. This includes your mission, values, and personality, as well as your core message and target audience. ChatGPT can assist with this crucial step, too.

Mission, Values, Personality>

Mission, Values, Personality #

Let’s say you tell ChatGPT:

Act as a brand marketing and world spice expert who deeply understands the needs and values of consumers of world spices and seasonings. Help us define the mission, values, and personality for our global spice delivery service by taking into account similar business models and their values, but making ours unique yet still effective with our target audience. The mission, values, and personality should reflect our sense of excitement and liveliness while incorporating our high level of knowledge and respect for the industry.

The AI might suggest a mission like “Bringing the world’s most flavorful spices to every kitchen.” It could identify values such as authenticity, diversity, and quality. For personality, it might propose words like adventurous, cultured, and vibrant.

Check out this response:

Core Message – Target Audience and Market Positioning>

Core Message – Target Audience and Market Positioning #

Regarding your core message and target audience, you could ask ChatGPT:

Answer as a brand marketing and world spices expert who has experience selling spices and seasonings from around the world. For a global spice delivery service, what should be the core message for our brand, and who is our target audience? We want to invoke a sense of excitement, knowledge, and respect with our message that tells our audience we provide a different type of shopping experience that is still informative and trustworthy. With your knowledge of the industry and previous customers, suggest a target audience that will include consumers from around the world who may not have unlimited disposable income but greatly enjoy using different, high-quality ingredients in their food.

It might suggest a core message like “Experience the world’s flavors from your home.” 

Here we go:


For your target audience, it could identify food enthusiasts, home cooks, and culture explorers as your primary market.

Prompt: Target audiences with positioning


With insights like these, you can create a brand identity that sets you apart and connects with the right people. This is a big step in building a successful brand.

Step 5. Analyzing Theoretical Competitor Brands>

Step 5. Analyzing Theoretical Competitor Brands #

Understanding what your competitors are doing is vital to building a solid brand. It helps you see what works, what doesn’t, and where there might be gaps you can fill. As it turns out, ChatGPT can help you do this, theoretically.

Remember, ChatGPT cannot take content from the entire web and effectively create a competitive analysis…yet.

But unless your industry started after 2021, it’s a useful exercise to ask ChatGPT about what it would consider messaging and brand strategies of top global spice delivery services.

According to Emerald Insights, 90% of Fortune 500 companies use competitive intelligence to get ahead. And more than half of executives use this information to plan for future growth, says PwC.

You can join them by using AI to better understand your theoretical competition. Consider it an ideation experiment.

Act as a global marketing analyst and provide a detailed breakdown of the top global spice delivery businesses. Format as a table in markdown. Include themes around messaging, target audience, and visual style. Highlight competitive advantage opportunities.

It could then provide a detailed breakdown of these positioning elements. It might also highlight unique strategies or trends you could use to your advantage.


With this information, you can ensure your brand stands out and meets customer needs in ways your competitors don’t. This could be your secret weapon in the competitive world of spice delivery.

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Creating Brand’s Look and Voice>

Creating Brand’s Look and Voice #

When we think of brands, we think of logos, colors, fonts, and how they talk – their visual and verbal elements. And ChatGPT can help generate these for your brand.

Design Prompts for Logo Concepts>

Design Prompts for Logo Concepts #

Your logo needs to stick in people’s minds and show off your brand’s personality.

While ChatGPT can’t create images itself, there are AIPRM prompts that can create image descriptions for AI image generators, like Midjourney, that can help you in the design and creation process of your logo.

Prompt: Midjourney Prompt Generator

Create a unique business logo design for a spice delivery service that uses bright, inviting colors and incorporates a globe or map.

ChatGPT could give unique suggestions that can be fed to Midjourney.

Color Palette and Topography Suggestions>

Color Palette and Topography Suggestions #

Your brand’s colors and fonts set the tone. You could prompt ChatGPT with something like

Act as a brand designer. Design a color palette and set of complimentary fonts that would invoke the values of an adventurous global spice delivery brand based in America. Include hexcodes for the color palette. Provide 3 different sets of options.

It could come back with a palette inspired by vibrant spices: think turmeric yellow, chili red, and cinnamon brown. And it might suggest fonts that mix new and old, just like your brand’s modern take on traditional flavors.

Tone of Voice and Messaging Guidelines>

Tone of Voice and Messaging Guidelines #

The way your brand talks should match its personality.

So, ask ChatGPT:

Answer as a brand marketing and global spice entrepreneur who has experience in identifying brand voice and tone. What’s the perfect tone of voice for a brand that’s all about global flavors and cultures? The tone should be warm and inviting while also coming off as very knowledgable and respectful of the world’s different cultures and foods.

The AI might suggest a voice that’s friendly, excited, and adventurous. And it could say your messaging should focus on the freshness of your spices and the exciting tastes they offer.

Let’s see:

6. Creating the Guide with ChatGPT>

6. Creating the Guide with ChatGPT #

With all the significant inputs you’ve gathered, it’s time to assemble your brand style guide. Here’s where the true strength of ChatGPT shines.

Structuring Your Guide>

Structuring Your Guide #

A well-organized guide ensures your branding rules are easy to follow. It’s about arranging information in a way that makes sense. For instance, you can prompt ChatGPT: 

Role: You are a seasoned brand strategist with a flair for identifying unique brand identities in the global market. Your experience spans across various industries, but you have a special interest in culinary brands. Your main strength lies in creating comprehensive brand style guides.

Task: Develop a succinct brand style guide for “Spice Odyssey”, a global spice delivery company that prides itself on sourcing authentic spices from their place of origin and delivering them right to customers’ doorsteps.

Constraints to consider:

  1. The company values sustainability and ensures eco-friendly packaging.
  2. Spice Odyssey caters to both everyday cooks and gourmet chefs.
  3. The brand emphasizes authenticity, discovery, and global connectedness.

The AI might propose an order like:

  1. Introduction: The Brand Story
  2. Logo Usage and Variations
  3. Color Palette and Typography
  4. Imagery and Iconography
  5. Brand Voice and Messaging
  6. Dos and Don’ts
  7. Examples in Practice

This clear, logical structure makes it easy for anyone to understand and implement your brand guidelines.

Documenting all of the Elements>

Documenting all of the Elements #

Once the structure is in place, it’s time to fill in the details. ChatGPT can assist in fleshing out each section. Let’s say you ask, “Write a section on logo usage for a brand that delivers global spices.” It might respond with precise details on where and how your logo should be used, its minimum size, spacing, and what to avoid.


From detailing your color codes in RGB and CMYK to explaining your brand’s voice to providing do’s and don’ts with your logo usage – every essential element will find its place in your brand style guide, thanks to ChatGPT.

Best Practices: Leveraging AI for Branding>

Best Practices: Leveraging AI for Branding #

Take your brand style guide to the next level with AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and AIPRM. Here are some tips to get the most out of these powerful tools.

Start with Good Prompts: The better your prompts are, the better the AI tools can help. Be specific and detailed. Instead of asking for “branding tips,” try “branding tips for a spice delivery company that’s all about real flavors and high quality.”

Try Out Different Styles with AIPRM: Your brand’s tone should match its personality. AIPRM’s library has lots of tones and writing styles. You can ask ChatGPT for an upbeat and inspiring brand mission statement to match your brand’s energy.

Use AIPRM to Get More from Midjourney: AIPRM can help you get even more out of Midjourney’s image-generating abilities. Try asking for an image of a “spice trail wrapping around a globe” to create a unique visual for your brand.

Keep Tweaking: AI-created content may be challenging at first. But don’t worry; you can refine your prompts until you get what you need.

Stay Consistent: Make sure your brand is the same everywhere, from your logo and colors to your voice and message. AI can help keep everything uniform.

Remember, AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and AIPRM are there to help, not take over. They can give you great ideas, but your brand is yours to bring to life. These AI tools can make your branding process smoother and more fun. 

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Wrapping It Up>

Wrapping It Up #

There you have it, an insightful exploration of using ChatGPT for a brand style guide.

The process is more straightforward, thanks to the AI tools we discussed. You’ve seen the steps, read the strategies, and now it’s time to put this newfound knowledge to work. 

As we close this chapter, we invite you to try AIPRM’s free extension, an invaluable asset in your branding journey. Experience the simplicity of 1-click Prompts, tailored to your needs. Experiment with a suite of custom tones and writing styles that breathe life into your brand’s voice.

One crucial detail to note is that while ChatGPT’s training only goes up to 2021, AIPRM bridges this knowledge gap with live crawling prompts. The result? Quality, accurate results tailored to the ever-changing dynamics of the business world.

Your brand deserves the best; with AIPRM, you get just that. Don’t wait; start your AI-powered branding journey today with AIPRM!

Use the Cheat Code for AI today. Install AIPRM for free.

Only a few clicks until you also experience the AIPRM-moment in your AI usage!

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