Introducing AIPRM Premium for ChatGPT

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Christoph C. Cemper
AIPRM is launching AIPRM Premium for early adopters with new features like multiple prompts, custom writing styles, and more. These plans will soon be available to all users, but there’s no pressure for current free users to switch.
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The wait is over! Today, March 16 2023, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of AIPRM Premium for ChatGPT with Premium Plans to our early adopters. Soon, we’ll be rolling out these game-changing features to even more users.

What does this mean for you? Well, get ready to experience AIPRM like never before! Our Premium Plans unlock a world of exciting new features that will take your writing to the next level.

Imagine having the power to have multiple “upcoming prompts” as an author, enjoy the high quality and reliability of AIPRM Verified Prompts, and save your favorite prompts with ease. Or, how about the ability to hide prompts you’re not interested in and create custom power continues? With AIPRM Premium Plans, all this and more is possible!

But, wait, it gets even better! Our Premium Plans offer custom writing styles and tones, allowing you to truly personalize your writing experience. Plus, we’re offering to increase the number of upcoming public prompts, giving you even more chances to land that hit as a Prompt Engineer.

Here’s the best part - if you’re happy with your current AIPRM experience, you can continue to use it as a free user! No pressure, no commitments. However, if you want to take your writing to new heights, AIPRM Premium Plans are the way to go.

What’s in it - Highlights of AIPRM Premium>

What’s in it - Highlights of AIPRM Premium #

The new AIPRM Premium will enable features like

  • Account Linking
  • AIPRM Verified Prompts
  • Favorites
  • “Hide Prompt”
  • Private Lists
  • User Quotas for data stored for users, including the Private Prompts
  • Custom Power Continue
  • Custom Writing Styles
  • Custom Writing Tones
  • Increased Public Prompts Upcoming
  • Plans are AIPRM Plus, Pro, Elite and the legendary AIPRM Titan plan

Here’s the best part - if you’re happy with your current AIPRM experience, you can continue to use it as a free user! No pressure, no commitments. However, if you want to take your writing to new heights, AIPRM Premium Plans are the way to go.

Once you have done the Account Linking, but not purchased a subscription you can work as Free AIPRM User and

  • have access to all Community Prompts,
  • be able to save 2 Private Prompt Templates and have 1 Public Prompt Template Upcoming
  • save a Favorite Prompt Template.

All your existing Private Prompts can be still used, will not be deleted. You just cannot save more than the number of Private Prompt Templates allowed by your plan.

Now let’s go into the details.

When will I get it?>

When will I get it? #

With over 630,000 users already onboard, we know that this upgrade isn’t a trivial undertaking. But we’re not ones to shy away from a challenge, and we’re confident that the new infrastructure and technology we’re introducing will take your experience to the next level.

For now, you need to uninstall your existing AIPRM for ChatGPT and then install the new AIPRM Premium for ChatGPT.

You’ll notice the difference right away when you see the following pop-up in your ChatGPT (with AIPRM activated, of course :). This is your invitation to join the select group of savvy users who are taking advantage of all the amazing new functionality we’ve added.

So don’t wait. Join our new version as soon as you see that pop-up below and start experiencing the new AIPRM like never before.

Click the button below and take the first step towards a better, more efficient, and more profitable future.


This is the call to action for the first and most important preparation in this upgrade, Account Linking.

What is Account Linking?>

What is Account Linking? #

The Account Linking is the first and the most crucial step in upgrading to AIPRM Premium. Once the Account Linking is completed, you will be able to work as Free AIPRM User and have access to all Community Prompts, save two Private Prompt Templates, and save a Favorite Prompt Template.

Account Linking is required for us to verify your Name, Age and Email to notify you. We use your Google Account for that, as explained here.

Here is a quick step-by-step walkthru how account linking works.

AIPRM Verified Prompts>

AIPRM Verified Prompts #

Introducing the game-changing AIPRM Verified Prompts - your secret weapon for crafting irresistible results with AIPRM.

Unlike the hit-or-miss Community Prompts, our Verified Prompts are a carefully curated collection of top-notch Prompt Templates that have been rigorously tested and PROVEN to deliver results.

Say goodbye to the uncertainty and frustration of guessing which prompts will work and hello to the CONFIDENCE of knowing you’re using the best of the best.

With AIPRM Verified Prompts, you’ll be able to effortlessly craft high-converting copy that captures attention, builds trust, and ultimately drives SALES.

Don’t settle for mediocre results when you could be achieving EPIC success with AIPRM Verified Prompts.


AIPRM Verified Prompts are prompts that the AIPRM team has verified, and maintains actively.

AIPRM Verified Prompts do not contain ad links or other solicitations in output.

AIPRM Verified Prompts are tested with multiple inputs and styles, guaranteed to work by AIPRM, and actively maintained. Unlike Community Prompts, where the Prompt Template author may not have put in enough experience and time, these are “production-level” Prompt Templates.

We published more details about AIPRM Verified Prompts and how they work for users and Prompt Engineers already earlier.

Favorite Prompts>

Favorite Prompts #

Introducing the highly-anticipated feature you’ve been waiting for: the ability to “favorite” your most loved Prompt Templates! With just a simple click on the “Star” icon, you can easily add any prompt template to your Favorites list and access them at any time with ease.

Say goodbye to the frustration of sifting through countless templates to find your go-to favorites. With this new feature, you’ll be able to quickly and easily access the templates you love most, saving you valuable time and effort.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to streamline your workflow and boost your productivity with this game-changing feature.

Hide Prompts>

Hide Prompts #

Are you tired of seeing the same old popular prompts that just don’t inspire you? It’s time to take control of your AIPRM experience and hide those prompts that just don’t cut it.

Introducing our exclusive “Hide Prompt” feature. With just a few clicks, you can remove those unwanted prompts from your sight and discover a world of new and exciting ideas that truly ignite your creativity. This feature is available from the Plus plan upwards.

To add a prompt to the “Hidden Prompts” list, you can simply click on the small “x” icon that appears next to each prompt. This will remove the prompt from the main list and add it to the “Hidden Prompts” list. To view the “Hidden Prompts” list, you can click on the “Hidden Prompts” button, which is located near the top of the prompt list.

Of course you can always undo this action later by going to the “Hidden Prompts” list tab and remove it from that list, making it reappear.


You need the “Hide Prompt” feature to hide popular Prompt Templates. The standard downvoting of low-quality submissions as shown above is still the most effective and efficient way to keep our community clean and free of spam. By downvoting, you are helping to improve the overall quality of AIPRM’s content and promoting a positive environment for all users.

It’s important to remember that every vote counts and that together we can create an AI community that is both informative and fun to be a part of. So don’t hesitate to downvote a spammy or low-quality submission, as it’s a small action that can make a big difference in maintaining the integrity of our community.

Let’s work together to keep AIPRM a high-quality platform that meets the needs of all its users!

Private Lists - Custom prompt template lists>

Private Lists - Custom prompt template lists #

Custom prompt template lists are a versatile tool that allows users to categorize their prompts based on specific work-flows or interests. With a custom prompt template list, users can collect Prompt Templates that are useful for their daily routine, making it easier to access them when they need them.

For example, you could have a list for

  • “Proposing and negotiating”,

  • “Contract drafting”,

  • “Keyword and market Research” Each of the lists could carry the Prompt Templates that you typically use for those work-flows.

Or you could have a list “Ultimate Promo Work-flow” that combines a set of content creation and content distribution Prompt Templates.

The sky is the limit.

You can add a prompt to a private list by clicking the “Add this prompt to List” icon


then choose the list you want to use.


You can easily create new lists directly in AIPRM for ChatGPT.

What are the User Quotas in AIPRM?>

What are the User Quotas in AIPRM? #

User Quotas are limits for all data stored for users, including the Private Prompts.

Depending on your account plan you will be able to store different amounts of data with AIPRM, called Quota.

We made sure that even free users can continue to develop and share their best Prompt Templates, and we encourage you to do so.

Once the Upcoming Public Prompts reach their threshold of 5 votes, they won’t count towards your Quota.

That means even as a free user you can keep developing and working on private Prompt Templates, while maybe having dozens of popular public Prompt Templates.

Private Prompt Limit>

Private Prompt Limit #

Moving forward it will be possible, with a Linked Account, to store 2 Private Prompt Templates, and have 1 Public Prompt Template Upcoming.

AIPRM offers an easy way to store and access your private Prompt Templates with a Linked Account. Even better, you can store up to 2 Private Prompt Templates and have 1 Public Prompt Template for free! And, if you need more space, you can upgrade to a paid subscription.

With the AIPRM Plus plan, you’ll have the capacity to store 8 Private Prompt Templates. But if you want to really maximize your productivity, the AIPRM Pro plan offers an impressive 40 Private Prompt Template quota!

Important note for existing users: all your existing Private Prompts can be still used, will not be deleted. You just cannot save more than the number of Private Prompt Templates allowed by your plan.

Stats: who’s using Private Prompts anyways?>

Stats: who’s using Private Prompts anyways? #

It’s fascinating to see how the majority of AIPRM users don’t even use the Private Prompt Templates feature. Based on our latest stats as of March 13, only around 1% of users have created their own Private Prompt Templates.

The stats as of March 13 are

  • ca. 1% of users did create a Private Prompt for themselves so far
  • 0.3% of users have between 3 and 4 Private Prompt Templates
  • 0.23% of users have between 5 and 10 Private Prompt Templates
  • 0.0078% of users have between 11 and 40 Private Prompt Templates
  • and only 18 users (ca. 0.0036%) have more than 40 Private Prompt Templates

We believe it’s safe to say that the vast majority of AIPRM users won’t be affected by this limit at all.

Private List Limit>

Private List Limit #

The number of private lists as well as the number of items per list have a quota, depending on the account plan.

Free and account-linked users get 1 List with 1 Item, everything above needs at least the AIPRM Plus plan.

The AIPRM Pro plan for example can keep 5 lists with 16 items each for you.

If you need higher limits than that, you can purchase a plan multiple times.

So for example, purchasing 2x AIPRM Pro will give you 10 Private Lists, but still the same capacity, 16 items, per list.

Private Custom Power Continue>

Private Custom Power Continue #

To use the Power Continue feature you need an AIPRM Plus plan or higher.

Power Continue

From the AIPRM Pro Plan, you can add your Custom Power Continue prompts in your account backend.

Result after adding a Custom Power Continue>

Result after adding a Custom Power Continue #

Private Custom Writing Style>

Private Custom Writing Style #

To use the Writing Style feature you need an AIPRM Plus plan or higher.


From the AIPRM Pro Plan, you can add your Custom Writing Style prompts in your account backend.

Result after adding a Custom Writing Style>

Result after adding a Custom Writing Style #

Private Custom Writing Tone>

Private Custom Writing Tone #

To use the Writing Tone feature you need an AIPRM Plus plan or higher.

Result after adding a Custom Writing Tone>

Result after adding a Custom Writing Tone #

From the AIPRM Pro Plan, you can add your Custom Writing Tone prompts in your account backend.

Increased “Public Prompts Upcoming”>

Increased “Public Prompts Upcoming” #

Are you tired of waiting for your Prompt Templates to gain traction on AIPRM? Are you frustrated with only being able to have one “Upcoming” Public Prompt Template with less than 5 votes?

Well, we have great news for you. With the AIPRM Pro plan, you can now have not one, but two “Upcoming” Public Prompt Templates live at the same time! And if you’re a true Prompt mastermind, the AIPRM Titan plan allows you to have a whopping 4 “Upcoming” Public Prompt Templates live simultaneously.

No more waiting around for your ideas to gain popularity. With AIPRM Pro and Titan plans, you can take control of your Prompt Templates and showcase your creativity to the world. Imagine the possibilities of having multiple ideas in the pipeline, all while maintaining your current active Prompts.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade to the AIPRM Pro or Titan plan today and start maximizing your Prompt Template potential. Don’t settle for just one idea, unleash your creativity and take your writing career to the next level.

Pricing: Plus, Pro, Elite and the AIPRM Titan>

Pricing: Plus, Pro, Elite and the AIPRM Titan #

Are you ready to take your AIPRM experience to the next level? Look no further than the AIPRM Titan plan.

As an AIPRM Titan, you’ll join an exclusive group of supporters and enjoy unprecedented access to our team. Plus, with generous limits and top-tier benefits, you’ll never have to worry about hitting a ceiling.

But that’s not all – when you subscribe to any of our plans annually, you’ll not only get a better price, but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re maximizing your investment.

Don’t settle for the Plus or Pro Plan. Go for the AIPRM Titan and become part of something bigger.

Join now as AIPRM Titan and start experiencing the full power of AIPRM.

There are indeed power users among you that need the extra, but are not ready for AIPRM Titan. So we’re happy to offer the AIPRM Elite plan, which is a step up from the AIPRM Pro plan.

Here’s the current plans.


All prices listed exclude local sales taxes like VAT and are added at checkout. EU reverse charge is not supported. All sales are non-refundable. All customers can test the free version for an unlimited time, before deciding to purchase the premium product with higher quotas. All prices are subject to price indexation per our terms. All services delivered by AIPRM, Corp. Delaware, US according to the terms and billing agreement confirmed with the purchase.

Where can I get AIPRM Premium?>

Where can I get AIPRM Premium? #

You can get AIPRM Premium for ChatGPT from the Chrome Store, but you need to uninstall your existing AIPRM for ChatGPT for it to work correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions>

Frequently Asked Questions #

What are Community Prompts?

Community Prompts are Prompt Templates that the AIPRM Community has published and voted on. And while these Prompt Templates have gotten a lot of feedback from the community, they have not been engineered or tested by AIPRM.

What are AIPRM Verified Prompts?

AIPRM Verified Prompts are prompts that the AIPRM team has verified, and maintains actively. These are Prompt Templates that have been engineered and tested with our team, in close collaboration with the Prompt Template Authors.

What are Private Prompt Templates?

Private Prompt Templates refer to Prompt Templates that can be saved for private use. The number of private Prompt Templates that can be stored and used depends on the plan subscribed to, with higher plans offering more storage options.

What is the Favorites List?

A Favorite List is a feature that allows users to “star” a Prompt Template and add it to their “Favorites”.

What are Custom Lists?

In higher plans you have additional private custom Lists, give them names and organize your work with that.

For example you could create one list for “Copywriting”, one for “Legal work” and one for “Web Development” in the AIPRM Pro plan.

so it’s just other private you create. So just like the “special” private lists for “Favorites” and “Hidden”, but your own.

The AIPRM Pro plan has 5 private lists, 1 for “Favorite” feature, 1 for the “Hide Prompt” feature and 3 for custom lists for use by you.

What is the 'Hide Prompt Templates' Feature?

The “Hide Prompt Templates” feature is used to quickly remove Prompt Templates from sight. This feature is available from the AIPRM Plus plan and up, using one (special) private List.

What is a private list?

All your own lists are private Lists, including “Favorites”, “Hidden” and any other customer lists you create.

What is a Power Continue?

The Power Continue is an extension of the ChatGPT’s button to continue writing from the start. It provides actions to expand, simplify or shorten the output. From the AIPRM Pro plan, users can customize the Power Continue actions.

What is the Tone & Writing Style feature?

The Tone & Writing Style feature is a tool that enables users to influence the tone and style of their result through convenient selectors. From the AIPRM Pro plan, users can customize the Tone & Writing Styles with their own.

What does Public Prompt Upcoming mean?

“Upcoming Prompt” refers to a prompt that a user has published, but has not received the minimum of 5 up-votes from other users. Users can usually set only one prompt to public as “Upcoming Prompt” and have to wait for it to win 5 or more votes. Higher plans offer the option to set more Prompts to public.

Will my existing Private Prompts be deleted?

No, currently we don’t delete any of your data.

You can continue to use your Private Prompt Templates, you just cannot save more than the number of Private Prompt Templates allowed by your plan.

Also it is important to clarify that many people are used to extensions/ChatGPT apps that are just storing a bit of data in the local storage in the browser.

With AIPRM you have all your data hosted, a fully fledges AI Cloud solution, which means to you that it’s always available, we do the backup and and they can “take-over” their prompts from current AIPRM and data to the new one.

You could even buy a completely new computer, or log in from another work computer and still have all YOUR Private Prompt Templates in AIPRM.

Where is the Basic Plan?

We stopped offering the Basic plan after a week.

We found it was not attractive enough for our users.

Your question is not covered yet?>

Your question is not covered yet? #

Please post your question in the AIPRM Community Forum here.

We will answer there and publish the most frequent questions answers here in an update.make q

Like it? Sharing it would be awesome!

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Only a few clicks until you also experience the AIPRM-moment in your AI usage!

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