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Can I pay via Invoice / PO / Quote / RFP / RFQ?>

Can I pay via Invoice / PO / Quote / RFP / RFQ? #

No, you can only pay via credit card.

We also don’t do vendor forms, security audits or other typical Enterprise-Contract requirements.

Can I pay with PayPal?>

Can I pay with PayPal? #

No, sorry.

2 Different Emails for Account Linking and Account Paying>

2 Different Emails for Account Linking and Account Paying #

If your account is not becoming active you maybe linked 1 Google Email with AIPRM, but purchased the subscription with another (Google) Email.

To ensure your AIPRM Account works both (the following two) Emails need to be the same

  1. The Google Email account you connected to AIPRM
  2. The Email account you purchased the subscription with. It is pre-filled in the Signup form, don’t change it please.

So our users need to buy with the AIPRM Email Address, not some other Email.

A few users encountered this issue, and a solution is not yet implemented.

The solution we are working is to

  • Un-Link your AIPRM Account.
  • Re-Link your AIPRM Account to the Email Account that you purchased with.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial of how to do that.

Can you provide a tax residency certificate?

AIPRM, Corp is a tax resident of the United States and files local taxes where applicable (e.g EU VAT).

Some countries like Poland demand from the citizens to provide complicated, paper-based written forms like a “Tax Residency Certificate”.

AIPRM, Corp does not engage with customer’s accountants or provide any kind “Tax Residency Certificate”.

AIPRM, Corp also does not offer discussion or evaluation of international tax laws with customers or their accountants.

If you are unable to expense a $50 charge without such administrative headaches then we are sorry, but cannot help you.

I entered wrong data, can I change the invoice after it was filed?

No, sorry that is not possible.

Where can I enter my Company Name or other extra details I want printed on the invoice?

AIPRM caters to consumers, not businesses.

You can only enter your Company Name or other details you want to see on the invoice via the Name and Address fields available.

Also, in the EU Customer VAT numbers only need to be added to invoices above 1000 EUR. Other B2C services like ours don’t add customer VATs to their invoices either.

Maybe relevant for your also:

Can I pay via Invoice / PO / Quote / RFP / RFQ?

Credit Card Payment Declined

AIPRM trusts a complex system of automated credit card fraud protection.

A very sensitive level is required due to a lot of fraudulent credit card charge attempts from all over the world.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any insights, guidance or human support when your credit card was declined.

Our only recommendation is to use a different credit card.

If all your credit cards are failing the security and fraud detection, you unfortunately cannot become an AIPRM Premium customer.