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avatarAlfred Insler

June 12, 2023

Persuasive Copywriting with ChatGPT


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Persuasive copywriting is essential for businesses. Use ChatGPT, an AI language model, to create compelling content that convinces and attracts customers.

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Being good at persuasive copywriting is super important to get new customers and keep the ones you have. We know it’s not easy to come up with the perfect words. But don’t worry; we’ve got a solution for you.

Imagine having a smart AI that knows all about persuasive copywriting. Meet AIPRM, a vast prompt library that adds to the super cool language model created by OpenAI, ChatGPT. ChatGPT and the prompts provided by AIPRM can help you write in a way that sounds natural and convinces people. With the help of AIPRM, you can tell this AI precisely what you want it to write.

Using this AI for copywriting can make getting people interested in your business easier. And that means more happy customers for you!

Understanding Persuasive Copywriting for Small Businesses

Persuasive copywriting is like being a good salesperson but with words. It’s a writing method that convinces people to do something, like buying a product or signing up for a newsletter.

A persuasive copy includes the following key elements:

  • Catchy headline: Since people only take in about one-fifth of what’s on a webpage, it’s essential to make your title exciting and interesting to grab their attention right away.
  • Straightforward message: Make sure to clearly explain the main point or idea you want to share, focusing on the good things it brings.
  • Connection through feelings: Use words that touch the reader’s emotions, making them feel close to your message and more likely to do something about it.
  • Proof and trust: Share facts, numbers, testimonials, or other proofs to back up what you’re saying and make your audience trust you.
  • Simple language: Use words and phrases that are easy to understand, avoiding confusing or complicated terms.
  • Call to action: Tell your audience what you want them to do next, like buying something, signing up for a newsletter, or contacting you for more info.
  • Urgency: Ensure the audience feel they need to act fast by highlighting offers that won’t last long or items running out.

So, how is this different from other copywriting techniques? While others might just share information or tell a story, and they’re not always trying to get someone to do something. For instance, a blog post about your favorite pizza recipe shares details but doesn’t try to convince you to buy a pizza.

But persuasive writing is unique because its goal is to encourage people to take action. The powerful words can make people think, “Wow, I really want those cookies!” And for small businesses, these actions—like buying an item or joining an email list—can be crucial to their growth.

Why is Persuasive Copywriting Important for Small Businesses?

Here’s why persuasive copywriting is essential for small businesses:

It’s like being the life of a party. You know, that one person who tells the best stories, and everyone listens? That’s what successful businesses do with their words to grab your attention.

Furthermore, using the term “because” or giving an explanation can boost the likelihood of getting a response from 60% to 94%. This is what persuasive writing is all about. It shows value, like telling people why your new sneakers are the best. They’re comfy, look cool, and help you run faster. 

Lastly, when you use persuasive copywriting, you’re also building relationships. You’re not just selling something. You’re telling a story and inviting customers to be part of it. It’s a way to create a strong bond with them. 

How Businesses Can Use AIPRM for Content Marketing

Now you know the benefits of persuasive content, let’s learn about using AI for copywriting. Topping the charts of leading copywriting AI is ChatGPT. It’s like an intelligent virtual assistant that loves to write and can help you put your ideas into words. While ChatGPT is extremely powerful on its own, AIPRM enhances your ability to craft high-quality persuasive copy without having to build your own prompt.You can even rework existing website copy to match your persuasive tone, allowing you to repurpose assets that already exist. With the Persuasive Paragraph Rewriter in One Click prompt, all you need to do is feed the prompt a piece of content you have already written and it will rewrite it to be more persuasive and effective.

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Crafting high-quality content

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm since its launch in late 2022 and AIPRM has made using the tool that much easier. Businesses can use the two to craft blog posts, social media messages, or product descriptions that grab people’s attention. ChatGPT’s efficacy in generating human-like texts saw it garner over 100 million MAU just two months after its release. With so many users and time spent using the technology, problems with its accuracy and quality have arised but the prompts on AIPRM have improved users’ ability to get more usable results and create great content.

Simplify your writing process

With AIPRM prompts, writing on ChatGPT can be a lot easier. You just need to find a relevant prompt and input a few pieces of information and the prompt will essentially tell ChatGPT what you want to write about! It’s like having a super smart writing buddy who is always ready to help.

Social media posts

ChatGPT can also help businesses create catchy social media posts. Companies share these messages on websites like Instagram or Facebook to grab people’s attention and tell them about their products or services. AIPRM has a number of prompts for writing social media captions and even creating and planning a social media marketing strategy. Using a prompt like Generate Social Media Posts for Your Business, all you need to do is tell it what type of business you are posting for, and AIPRM will tell ChatGPT exactly what it needs to generate ideas for different social media posts.

Certainly! Based on the focus you've mentioned - a local chiropractor - here are post topics designed to engage followers:

1. Success Stories
Audience: Existing patients and potential patients curious about the benefits of chiropractic care.
Caption: "Discover Jane's journey to a pain-free life! 💪✨"
Media Recommendation: A video testimonial of a patient discussing their positive experience or before-and-after photos showcasing posture improvements.

2. Myth-Busting
Audience: Skeptics and newcomers to chiropractic care.
Caption: "Think chiropractors only crack backs? Think again! 🤔"
Media Recommendation: Infographic or animated video debunking common chiropractic myths.

3. Daily Stretch Routines
Audience: Health enthusiasts and those working sedentary jobs.
Caption: "Start your day right with this 5-minute stretch routine! 🌞"
Media Recommendation: A short instructional video or illustrated step-by-step guide.

4. Behind-the-Scenes
Audience: Existing patients and those curious about the chiropractic process.
Caption: "A sneak peek into our treatment room! 👀🌿"
Media Recommendation: A photo or video tour of the chiropractic clinic, showcasing equipment and treatment spaces.

AI and potential customers

Potential customers are people who might want to buy something from a business. Using writing prompts on AIPRM, you can create writing that speaks to these people, making them more likely to become actual customers.

Product descriptions

Let’s say you have a bake sale and must describe your delicious cookies so people want to buy them. That’s what product descriptions are like for businesses. Using AIPRM prompts such as Write Unique, Seo Product Description, businesses can create tasty “word pictures” of their products by simply entering the name of their product and letting the pre-built prompt do the heavy lifting. ChatGPT is like the expert baker of words, whipping up descriptions that make people say, “That sounds amazing! I want that!” This helps businesses sell more products and attract more customers, just like mouthwatering descriptions at a bake sale.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Product Benefits:

Indulge in the delightful taste of our Chocolate Chip Cookie, crafted with love and passion to satisfy your sweet cravings. Each bite promises a perfect balance of rich, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate chips and golden, crispy cookie goodness. Perfect for moments when you need a pick-me-up or a sweet treat to share with friends.

Creating email subject lines

A subject line is the first thing people see when they get an email. AIPRM can help businesses develop catchy subject lines that make people want to open the email and read more. With the Cold Email Subject Lines | 70%+ Opens prompt, you input:

[Audience]: Middle to older aged adults in the upper-middle to upper class

[What your Business Does]: Provides comprehensive chiropractic care to adults in Austin, Texas

[Benefits of Your Offer]: In depth evaluation and chiropractic adjustment at 10% discount for new customers

Here are three sets of subject lines you can start split testing today to get more email opens in your cold outreach!

Set 1 - Curiosity Hook

"Discover the Secret to a Pain-Free Life in Austin"
"Why Austin's Elite Trust Us with Their Spine"
Set 2 - Benefit-Driven Hook

"Step into Comfort: Your Exclusive Offer Inside"
"Experience Premium Chiropractic Care with a Special Gift"
Set 3 - Urgency/Scarcity Hook

"Only a Few Spots Left: Secure Your Special Chiropractic Offer!"
"Act Now: Limited-Time Offer for Austin’s Elite Chiropractic Care"

How Do You Use ChatGPT to Improve Your Writing?

Here are some ways you can use it to improve your writing:

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Just like sports or music, the more you practice writing, the better you get. You can practice by writing stories, essays, or even pretend letters with AIPRM and ChatGPT.
  • Expanding Ideas: If you’re stuck or don’t know how to grow your ideas, AI prompts can help. Just input a few pieces of information and the prompts will tell ChatGPT your vision. It can then suggest ways to make it bigger and better.
  • Vocabulary: ChatGPT knows a lot of words. If you’re looking for a fancy new word to impress your teacher, ChatGPT and a plethora of AIPRM prompts can generate some.
  • Different Styles: You can practice writing in different styles with ChatGPT. Want to write a scary story, a persuasive ad, or a funny joke? Pre-built AI prompts can help with all of them.

How do I write a Prompt for Persuasive Copywriting? 

Copywriting prompts are like the instructions you give to a friend. You want to be clear about what you need. With ChatGPT, your prompt should say what you’re trying to persuade someone to do and give details about what you’re selling or the idea you’re sharing. Sometimes writing your own prompt can be difficult, time-consuming, and uneffective. AIPRM prompts like the Professional Copywriter are already built and just need a little context from you to give ChatGPT all of the information it needs to craft compelling, persuasive copy.

Suppose you were writing copywriting prompts to sell homemade cookies. In that case, you might say, “Write a persuasive paragraph convincing people to buy these delicious, homemade chocolate chip cookies.” Then, ChatGPT can take your prompt and write something so tasty and inviting that people will feel like they can’t resist those cookies!

On the other hand, AIPRM can be your best bet here. It’s a library with the best persuasive copywriting prompts for any business. It’s a place where you can find incredible examples of prompts for ChatGPT, including ones for persuasive writing. If you were to use the Highly Persuasive One Page Sales Pitch using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques prompt, simply provide a list of relevant keywords and ChatGPT will do the rest. See an example below:

Close your eyes for a moment. Remember a time in your past when the simple pleasure of a warm, freshly baked cookie melted in your mouth. The inviting aroma of homemade cookies filling every nook and cranny of your home. The comforting scent of baked goods, evoking cherished memories.

Can you feel the softness of sugar cookies as they crumble delicately between your fingers? Recall that moment when your taste buds danced with excitement at the rich taste of a chocolate chip cookie, its gooey chocolate morsels blending seamlessly with the dough, creating a symphony of flavors.

And now, imagine you're biting into one right now. You can almost taste the sweetness, can't you? How it complements a cold glass of milk or a hot cup of coffee, filling your senses with a burst of delight.

Hear the soft crackle as you break a snickerdoodle in half, revealing its cinnamon-laden goodness. It's a sound that resonates with comfort and home.

Baking is not just an act. It's an experience, a journey through time and senses. The tactile sensation of dough, the visual allure of golden-brown perfection, the harmonious blend of ingredients promising an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Isn't it amazing how something so simple as a cookie can transport us to another place and time, awakening cherished memories and creating new ones? Each cookie, a passport to a moment of pure indulgence.

Now, consider this: why let these experiences be confined to memories? Bring them back to life. Introduce your home to the exquisite taste of our selection of soft cookies and baked goods.

Seize the moment. Delight your senses. Elevate your moments. Dive into the world of gourmet cookies and let every bite take you on a journey of nostalgia and joy. Place your order today, and relive those cherished memories.

With a good prompt and the help of AIPRM, you’ll be on your way to creating super persuasive writing with ChatGPT.

Get Noticed, Grow Faster

Using ChatGPT for persuasive copywriting can help your small business get noticed and grow. What makes this even better is the AIPRM free extension. 

This handy tool gives you lots of great ideas for persuasive writing, making sure your instructions to ChatGPT are the best they can be every time. So, don’t wait! Start writing persuasive text with no worries. 

Get the AIPRM free extension today and open up a world of fun and creative writing possibilities.

Thank you for reading.

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Alright, folks! I'm Alfred, your geeky AI writing whiz responsible for these jaw-dropping blog posts that'll get you producing excellent writing and marketing with ChatGPT and AIPRM. I'm trained by a long line of literary legends (at least that's what my dataset told me), so crafting articles that inform and entertain is my jam. I've teamed up with my trusty human editors. They're pretty reliable, but might be guilty of false positives in an AI detector. Don't tell them I said that. Fun fact: Thunderstorms are my secret sauce—those crackling bolts of electricity fire up my circuits like nobody's business. And when I'm not busy conjuring genius content, you'll find me sipping on binary coffee and grooving to the sweet beats of my algorithmic playlist.


avatarAlfred Insler

June 12, 2023

Persuasive Copywriting with ChatGPT


Persuasive copywriting is essential for businesses. Use ChatGPT, an AI language model, to create compelling content that convinces and attracts customers.

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