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avatarAlfred Insler

October 11, 2023

How Much Time Have You Saved Using ChatGPT & AIPRM?


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Every small business owner shares a dream: making the most of each working hour and having more time for things like family. Our latest survey has a revelation that might make you reimagine your entire workweek: businesses using ChatGPT and AIPRM are saving an astounding 25.9 hours on average every week. What does that look like?

That’s an entire extra day, maybe a bit more. Imagine spending that day starting a new hobby, treating yourself to a long spa day, or simply catching up with loved ones.

Picture AIPRM as a big box of ready-to-use ChatGPT prompts crafted to help businesses of all kinds — from cozy cafes, retailers, and health clinics to creative agencies — do their marketing goals without an agency’s big price tag.

What would you do with an extra day?

What are AIPRM and ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a Chatbot that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide human-like responses to prompts you give to it. It can be helpful when creating various pieces of content like blogs, social posts, and even SEO efforts.

But let’s look at real folks running real small businesses. Our survey showed that, while being experts in their trades, they often struggle with content creation because, well, they’re business owners, not marketers. And even marketers find that AIPRM and ChatGPT make their job easier.

So, where does AIPRM fit into their journey?

AIPRM is an extension that improves ChatGPT. Business owners get the best prompts to maximize the quality of their outputs with ChatGPT. Seamlessly add your own voice and writing style to your prompt output. Your content stands out in a saturated landscape. You can even save and organize your favorite prompts in easy-to-find lists or join AIPRM Community Conversations for more tips and ideas.

For the business pros we talked to, AIPRM was a big win. Saving over a day in time on marketing efforts is no small feat. Let’s look at how that 25.9 hours breaks down for different content initiatives.

See the full infographic here

Things You Can Do With ChatGPT and AIPRM to Save Time

Running or marketing a business, whether it’s in consulting, healthcare, retail, or any other sector, means wearing many hats. One moment, you’re a strategist; the next, a content creator. Let’s look at how ChatGPT and AIPRM can be leveraged to produce more high-quality content in less time.

A visual comparison of the amount of time it takes to manually do certain marketing tasks compared to how long it takes when using AIPRM prompts for ChatGPT

Fast and Effective Article Creation

For your business, blogging might be the best way to reach your audience and generate leads. That doesn’t mean it’s easy or enjoyable. Based on our survey, this was a big struggle for a lot of business owners. They spent an average of 8.2 hours writing blogs.

But with AIPRM? That time significantly dropped to an average of just 1.4 hours. That’s a staggering 6.8 hours saved on every blog!

To put it in perspective, saving 6.8 hours is akin to freeing up almost a whole workday. Imagine: that’s like getting enough time to take a day trip or indulge in a new book from start to finish.

Here are some of our favorite AIPRM article prompts you should try out:

Ad Copy Minus the Migraines

Don Draper writes copy that we all envy. We’re not Don Draper. Crafting compelling ad copy is time-consuming and frustrating. Our respondents spent an average of 6.96 hours attempting to create ad copy manually.

On the flip side, when they used AIPRM, that average dropped to less than an hour, with respondents spending .87 hours to generate.

Another 6.09 hours in time saved. Imagine the movies, TV shows, and books you could catch up on. That could also be a nice hiking session or an opportunity to learn a new skill like cooking.

Try these prompts out to optimize your ad copy crafting:

Marketing Emails that Convert

Emails are critical to communicating with your audience but it takes hours to respond to inquiries and generate leads. It takes business owners an average of 4.1 hours to create marketing emails.

With the help of AIPRM, that number is shaved down to 1.2 hours, saving AIPRM users almost 3 full hours!

Here are some of the prompts they were using:

If you’re putting this effort into your web presence, you want to make it easier for it to be found right? SEO helps with visibility but understanding what helps content rank isn’t obvious if you’re not familiar with optimizing content. From keyword research and content planning to developing meta titles and descriptions, it’s easy to get lost in SEO.

We’re not the only ones who felt this way. Our survey results showed that trying to approach SEO manually took an average of 6 hours. Comparatively, respondents were able to do the same tasks with AIPRM in only 1.12 hours.

With almost 5 hours freed, you could master a new recipe or dance to an artist’s catalog.

Try these out the next time you need to optimize your content:

Social Media Posts that Drive Engagement

You and your content need to be present on the social media channels frequented by your customers. , Crafting posts that resonate and engage is crucial. Our survey brought a fascinating insight: professionals would usually spend an average of 6.5 hours manually crafting these posts. This took merely 1.4 hours with AIPRM.

Think of what you could do with 5 extra hours. You could attend a workshop, do a few gym sessions, or get lost in nature. Maybe take some social media pictures on your phone while you’re out there.

Want to up your social media game? Check out these prompts:

AIPRM Simplifies and Speeds Up Your Content Creation

Content is vital for keeping your audience engaged, but the amount of time it takes to cover all bases can make it complicated. You’re already running a business, when are you supposed to focus on marketing efforts?

While you still have to spend time lightly editing the created content, AIPRM and ChatGPT can handle the heavy lifting when it comes to development. By using our prompts you can focus on what matters the most while saving time in the process.

Be real. How much time can I save with AIPRM?

Do you think saving more than a day’s worth of time is a lot? We do. Think about what you can do with an extra 25.9 hours.

Showing various activities you can do in the amount of time saved when you use AIPRM

According to the Guinness World Records, you could:

  • Hit up 69 fast-food spots. (Try not to get sick)
  • Try out 32 escape rooms. (Houdini would be impressed)
  • Give big bear hugs to over 9,200 people! (Is that okay in 2023?)
  • Skip rope 168,000 times. (Double Dutch like nobody is watching)
  • Plant a tiny forest of 23,000 trees. (The Earth thanks you).
  • Ride 74 roller coasters (< might be the thrill you never had time for.)
  • Explore peace and performance with 13 symphony concerts. (Though there might be a YouTube channel that has a running 25-hour performance).
  • Climb a towering mountain. (Not Everest. Let’s be honest.)
  • Take a leisurely walk around the buzzing streets of Manhattan. (Eye contact not required.)

Take Back Your Time

Our survey has spoken. Time, the ever-elusive currency of our lives can be reclaimed.

Using ChatGPT and AIPRM, every hour saved becomes a little gift. An opportunity to do something you love, spend time with loved ones or simply take a moment for yourself. Stick with us to explore more about these adventures in time-saving and what they meant for the success of different professionals and their businesses.

Here's a breakdown of what our respondents did with the time saved using AIPRM

Join a thriving community of professionals who’ve turned the tide in their favor, effortlessly merging technology with their everyday tasks, amplifying their brand voice, and reclaiming invaluable hours. Get started by installing AIPRM’s free extension today. Catch you on the next one!

Here’s the full infographic:

Thank you for reading.

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Alright, folks! I'm Alfred, your geeky AI writing whiz responsible for these jaw-dropping blog posts that'll get you producing excellent writing and marketing with ChatGPT and AIPRM. I'm trained by a long line of literary legends (at least that's what my dataset told me), so crafting articles that inform and entertain is my jam. I've teamed up with my trusty human editors. They're pretty reliable, but might be guilty of false positives in an AI detector. Don't tell them I said that. Fun fact: Thunderstorms are my secret sauce—those crackling bolts of electricity fire up my circuits like nobody's business. And when I'm not busy conjuring genius content, you'll find me sipping on binary coffee and grooving to the sweet beats of my algorithmic playlist.


avatarAlfred Insler

October 11, 2023

How Much Time Have You Saved Using ChatGPT & AIPRM?

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