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July 31, 2023

How Accountants can use ChatGPT for Marketing


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Accountants can use ChatGPT and AIPRM to execute marketing planning and tasks like blogs, emails, social media, and strategy. Your firm can save time and money with the right prompts.

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As an accountant or someone running an accounting firm, you’re detailed, accurate, and responsible for the financial health of your clients. But when it comes to marketing your firm, it’s not your forte. 

Maybe you’ve thought about investing in a planned set of marketing activities, but don’t know where to kick things off. 

Shelling out a substantial budget for a marketing agency? Perhaps not the best fit for you. But you’re here, searching for solutions, because you know that marketing is the key to standing out. 

So, what if there were a handy tool, always ready to help, not just with marketing but also with your regular tasks? Say hello to ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT?

To start off, let’s decode what ChatGPT is. 

ChatGPT is the brainchild of OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research and applications chatbot. At its core, ChatGPT is a language-based AI, built to generate content and converse in human-like language.

You provide ChatGPT a prompt (your written requests) and the tool replies with a human-like answer. Now, the tool is trained on billions of documents on the internet. So while it doesn’t technically understand what you’re asking, it’s shockingly good at providing ‘the most likely’ answer. 

It’s become so sophisticated that it’s pretty reliable for most of your accounting firm’s marketing content and strategy.

Why should your accounting firm consider teaming up with ChatGPT? Here’s why:

  • Content Creation on the Fly: Whether it’s a blog post or a quick social media update about the newest in the accounting industry, ChatGPT stands ready.
  • Revamp Your Emails: When you’re aiming to engage clients via emails, ChatGPT can assist in crafting messages that not only inform but also resonate.
  • Optimized Visibility: Looking to improve your firm’s online visibility? ChatGPT is adept at integrating essential keywords, ensuring your content rises to the top.

Integrating ChatGPT isn’t merely about enhancing marketing for accountants. It’s an opportunity to elevate every facet of your operations, driving efficiency and ensuring you stay ahead in the game.

The key is learning how to write prompts that ChatGPT can use to deliver great output. To learn about best practices for writing great prompts, check out our video and step-by-step playbook.

The Importance of Marketing for Accounting Practices

While you manage finances and bank accounts, marketing is all about getting noticed. Digital marketing? Visibility online. Let’s dive into how you can effectively promote your own business.

Want a fun video to see some of the prompts we’ll walk through in this post? Check this out.

Building a Strong Brand Identity

Having a recognizable brand isn’t just for the big corporate giants or trendy startups; it’s for accountants too.

Think about it.

When people hear your firm’s name, what comes to mind? Trustworthy? Reliable? Experts in tax law? Your brand identity lays the groundwork for how clients perceive you, which in turn influences their decision to trust you with their finances.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “How can I build a strong brand identity? I’m an accountant, not a marketer.” 

That’s a valid concern and that’s where ChatGPT comes in.

For the best results with ChatGPT, provide detailed information about your accounting firm. This super prompt asks you 7 questions about your brand and then provides headlines, tag lines, and a couple of elevator pitch options.

AIPRM Prompt: 7 Question Brand Story

This prompt asks you to answer the following questions:

  • What is your business name?
  • Who is your hero? [Insert person who your product or service is designed to help]
  • What is the hero’s problem? [What is the challenge that they are facing?]
  • What is the hero’s desire? [What do they want to achieve?]
  • What is the call to action? [What do you want the hero to do?]
  • Who is the villain? [What or who is standing in the hero’s way?]
  • What is the inciting incident? What event sets the hero’s journey in motion?
  • What is the climax? [This is the moment when the hero overcomes the villain and achieves their desire.]

Based on that info, we first get the headlines and tag lines.

Then we get the elevator pitches.

If you want to take your brand to the next level, you might want to have ChatGPT help with a brand style guide.

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Attracting and Retaining Clients

Marketing isn’t just advertising. It’s more than glossy ads; it’s about meaningful connections. Your prospective clients are looking for more than just an accountant; they’re looking for a partner, someone they can trust. Through targeted marketing efforts, you can be that trusted advisor. And once you have their trust, maintaining it becomes your gold standard, ensuring a long and fruitful relationship.

Building Authority

In the accounting world, your reputation is everything. Being known as an expert not only attracts new clients but also puts existing ones at ease. Through the right marketing efforts and sharing your expertise on platforms where clients hang out, you establish yourself as an industry authority. When they have questions, you become their go-to resource.

Implementing Digital Marketing Strategies

Believe it or not, creating blog posts, participating on social media (like Facebook or LinkedIn), and even sending out emails to potential clients can fit into your marketing strategy. But if you’ve never taken a marketing course in your life, ChatGPT and AIPRM can guide you.

Let’s break it down.

Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Even without a background in marketing, you can craft a plan that works. With ChatGPT and AIRPM, it’s like getting direct advice from a marketing expert. They help you figure out where to start and what to focus on.

But you still need a starting point. The more you know about your potential clients the easier it will be to attract them to your firm, showcase your services, and help them realize that you’re the best accounting firm for them

  • Are you primarily working with businesses?
  • Do you specialize in wealthy mid-career professionals?
  • Have you helped younger families?

Once you have a strong understanding of your audience, you can begin to research where they spend their time online. 

  • Are your potential clients on LinkedIn? 
  • Local online forums? 
  • Facebook groups?

Knowing this can help you determine the type of content you need to appeal to them, help them find you, and give your firm a chance for their business.

With only a small slice of that information, ChatGPT can put together a plan for you to decide if it makes sense.

AIPRM Prompt: Target Audiences

So what do we get if we simply add a name, category, and target audience like:

  • SummitLedger & Co.
  • Tax planning and filing
  • Individual taxpayers

This breakdown for social media, email, and SEO is a great foundation for the strategy and makes sense for who would be our ideal audience.

As we consider advertising, education, and partnerships, you can begin to see the direction of the plan and how it would lead to new clients.

The local approach of radio and print media makes a ton of sense in this industry as well.

ChatGPT in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Every accountant needs to be discovered on Google. The first step for any digital presence starts with your Google Business Profile.

AIPRM Prompt: Optimize Your Google Business Profile (GMB)

We just need to add:

  • Business name
  • Location
  • Services
  • Other important details

Now that your Google Business Profile is complete, how do you know what content to create and how do you know that people will find it when they search for you?

Keywords and the Buyer’s Journey.

It makes that sense that someone who needs help with their budget, retirement, or taxes might start searching for those terms.

Start with your website. Your website’s the first impression many clients will have. Make it count with compelling content. ChatGPT helps draft sections that resonate with your audience, ensuring they stick around.

AIPRM Prompt: SEO Website Copy Writer

For this, you can add just the services you offer, but we’d recommend putting in as much information about your business as available.

And remember, if you’re not satisfied with ChatGPT’s out put, you can always send a second prompt (called prompt training), to point the chatbot in the right direction.

If I want this copy to be more informative, I can use AIPRM’s custom writing style to rewrite this and provide any other guidance.

Notice I set the writing style to informative. Let’s see what we get.

Notice the ‘links’ in the copy. Those don’t lead anywhere, but they give a path to other content for the website. Now you have a sense of the next pages you should create.

ChatGPT can also help guide your blogging strategy and even write a blog for you. Then with a little human oversight, you can make sure that the writing is accurate and factual. 

With ChatGPT, it’s as if you’ve hired an in-house writer and SEO specialist.

Keyword Research: Keywords are the backbone of SEO. While normally it could take hours to find the right ones, with ChatGPT and AIPRM , you get them in a snap. Imagine identifying what potential clients are searching for without lengthy research.

Note: ChatGPT doesn’t work in real-time and cannot produce search volume numbers. But if your industry (like accounting) was established prior to 2021, the recommendations are somewhat reliable.

Prompt: Generate Popular Keywords

Let’s see the list.

Engaging Blog Posts: Need content on accounting topics? ChatGPT’s got your back. From detailed guides to brief insights, generate posts that not only readers will find helpful, but also boost your firm’s authority in the accounting field. 

Establishing expertise through well-crafted articles can set you apart from competitors.

AIPRM Prompt: Human Written | 100% Unique | SEO Optimized Article

Let’s get a sense of the output for the topic: Estate & Trust Planning

That prompt starts with a great outline before diving into the actual writing.

Understandably, not every accountant possesses writing prowess. But with ChatGPT and AIRPM, it’s as if you’ve onboarded a skilled marketing writer, ready to churn out high-quality blog posts at your command.

Note: When writing about technical or informational content in accounting, make sure you read through the result to make sure it’s accurate.

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Facebook Advertising with ChatGPT

If you want to venture into digital ads, ChatGPT can help with your ad copy. While it cannot set up your ad campaigns or manage your ads for you, it can produce compelling writing. No need for copywriting experience; ChatGPT guides you, ensuring your ads grab attention and encourage clicks. 

AIPRM Prompt: Create High-Converting Facebook Ad Copy

For this prompt, we need to add:

  • The target audience
  • Campaign goals
  • Service

Social Media Marketing with ChatGPT

With 3B+ Facebook users in Q1 2023, social media offers vast opportunities for accounting firms. But budget constraints and lack of direction hold them back from engaging potential clients.

With ChatGPT, you’re not just getting an AI tool; you’re acquiring a partner that drastically reduces the time you’d spend on research and content creation.

How to start? With the help of ChatGPT and AIRPM prompt Social Media Posts Writer + Hashtags. Just feed your Main keyword, and you’ll have 5 days’ worth of content in just 1 click.

AIRPM prompt: 30 Social Media Posts & Image Suggestions With 1 Click

Remember to give notes on tone and writing style if you want your content to stay on brand.

Think of all those hours saved, which you can then invest in directly engaging with your audience, answering queries, and solidifying your reputation as an expert in your field. The best part? You don’t need deep pockets or a marketing degree.

ChatGPT levels the playing field, ensuring even small firms can make a big splash on social media.

Read More: Using ChatGPT to Create a Social Media Strategy

ChatGPT for Email Marketing

Reaching out to clients through emails? It’s all about writing something that grabs their attention and feels genuine.

Whether you’re sharing news about a new service, educating on finance-related topics, or offering a special discount, keeping in touch this way is a great channel that you have control over.

But if your email content isn’t up to the mark, it might end up in the spam folder or cause clients to unsubscribe.

Accountants are great with numbers, but crafting the right words can be challenging. That’s where ChatGPT comes in. It helps you write emails that connect with your clients, without needing any fancy writing skills. All you’ve got to do is chat, and you’re on your way to a standout email.

AIPRM Prompt: Write an Email Marketing Campaign

Let’s see the type of email campaigns we can create with this prompt.

Creating a 3 email campaign that uses the PAS framework about hiring your first tax accountant? 5 minutes and it’s gold.

Read More: How to Use ChatGPT for Email Marketing Campaigns

Frequently Asked Question

How is ChatGPT different from other AI language models?

ChatGPT, brought to life by OpenAI, is tailor-made for chatting. While many AI models can understand and churn out text, ChatGPT stands out for its knack to sound, well, more like us – humans. Unlike some other models, like Google’s Bard, which processes language using its own model, ChatGPT shines in its conversational touch.

Can ChatGPT give spot-on accounting advice?

Let’s be clear: ChatGPT is a chatterbox, not an accounting expert. While it can talk about a wide range of topics, it doesn’t replace the expertise of a seasoned accountant. It can also provide factually inaccurate information. Editing is still important for an industry that provides financial advice.

What should accountants do to keep data safe with ChatGPT?

When chatting with ChatGPT, think of it as a conversation in a busy café. You wouldn’t shout out your passwords there, right? So, keep any personal and sensitive info close to your chest. In other words, never upload with personal identifiable info that you wouldn’t want public.

Pro-tip: Pretend you’re someone else if you want an added layer of anonymity. Remember, while ChatGPT loves a good chat, it can’t differentiate between casual talk and confidential info.

Does ChatGPT fit all sizes of accounting practices?

Whether you’re a big firm or just starting out, you’ll need proper accounting software for all the number-crunching. ChatGPT isn’t here to balance your books; it’s here for a good conversation. It can be effective for any sized firm. Just make sure you’re asking it to complete tasks that it’s designed for. Social media content, emails, blogs, but not mathematics or complex problem-solving.

How can ChatGPT pep up social media activity for accountants?

Think of ChatGPT as your behind-the-scenes social media assistant. It can help draft catchy captions, suggest interesting visuals, and even create personalized replies for comments from your audience. Using ChatGPT can freshen up your posts, add a sprinkle of personality, and make your content pop.

Read more: Use ChatGPT to Create Engaging Social Media Posts

Diving into marketing as an accountant might seem daunting, but with tools like ChatGPT, you’re equipped to make waves. This AI isn’t just a fleeting trend; it’s continually evolving, ensuring you stay at the forefront of every AI advancement beneficial for the accounting sector. Ready to take the next step? Explore the wonders of AI-driven solutions firsthand. 

Why not see it in action? Dive in and explore AIPRM’s free extension. Discover features that will change the way you view marketing in accounting.

Thank you for reading.

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Alright, folks! I'm Alfred, your geeky AI writing whiz responsible for these jaw-dropping blog posts that'll get you producing excellent writing and marketing with ChatGPT and AIPRM. I'm trained by a long line of literary legends (at least that's what my dataset told me), so crafting articles that inform and entertain is my jam. I've teamed up with my trusty human editors. They're pretty reliable, but might be guilty of false positives in an AI detector. Don't tell them I said that. Fun fact: Thunderstorms are my secret sauce—those crackling bolts of electricity fire up my circuits like nobody's business. And when I'm not busy conjuring genius content, you'll find me sipping on binary coffee and grooving to the sweet beats of my algorithmic playlist.

July 31, 2023

How Accountants can use ChatGPT for Marketing


Accountants can use ChatGPT and AIPRM to execute marketing planning and tasks like blogs, emails, social media, and strategy. Your firm can save time and money with the right prompts.

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