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Customer Support

avatarAlfred Insler

June 09, 2023

Using ChatGPT to Manage Customer Service Issues


21 Min


Using ChatGPT for customer service makes managing inquiries, complaints, and issues easier, improving response time and customer satisfaction. Get prompts for email templates, responding to emails, and even review responses.

Exceptional customer service is the table stakes for small businesses. You CAN’T afford to love your reputation, your community standing, or your personal relationship when you’re a growing company.

Any communication between your customers and you will determine whether they’re long-term customers, one-and-done, or worst case scenario, someone who speaks negatively about their experience with you.

With limited resources and the significant importance of that customer service relationship, it can be challenging to balance the two. However, with emerging AI tools like ChatGPT, managing customer service issues with empathy and speed has become more realistic.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a generative large language model (LLM) that uses deep learning to generate human-like responses to text. It is a type of artificial intelligence that can understand natural language and generate responses that are contextually relevant and grammatically correct.

When you type an instructive prompt into ChatGPT, the model analyzes the text and generates a response based on the patterns it has learned from the vast amounts of data it has been trained on. The response is designed to be as natural and human-like as possible, which is why it can be a great way to provide a seamless customer service experience.

Benefits of using ChatGPT in Customer Service

When you think about producing emails, texts, and social media responses to customers, businesses might be concerned about using a robot for communication that needs a human touch. We’re not suggesting that you’re replacing your customer service team anytime soon. In fact, ChatGPT can help them improve their writing, response time, and brand alignment with AI.

ChatGPT can help improve customer satisfaction by providing fast and personalized responses. This can help minimize wait times and improve the overall customer experience.

Additionally, ChatGPT can help reduce the workload on customer service representatives by handling routine inquiries and tasks. This can free up time for representatives to focus on more complex issues they encounter.

Finally, ChatGPT can help businesses save money by reducing the number of human customer service representatives. Remember, ChatGPT is not a replacement for human representatives, but it can help enhance their effectiveness.

What Customer Service Task Can ChatGPT Be Used For?

Customer service representative on a headset.

Responding to Customer Inquiries

ChatGPT doesn’t just answer routine inquiries around the clock—it sets the stage for your human agents to come in and close the loop with precision. It’s not merely an answering machine; it’s your front-line strategist.

However, this isn’t a ‘set and forget’ operation. To ensure that ChatGPT provides accurate responses, it is crucial to provide it with relevant and up-to-date information. Chat logs still have to be monitored to ensure that ChatGPT is providing accurate responses and making adjustments as necessary.

It’s crucial to maintain human oversight to ensure the AI’s responses are in line with your brand voice and to step in for more complex inquiries. In essence, ChatGPT is a formidable component of a multifaceted customer service engine.

Handling Customer Complaints and Issues

With ChatGPT, handling customer complaints has become more manageable. ChatGPT can help businesses handle customer complaints by providing customers with a quick response and a resolution to their issues.

To ensure that ChatGPT provides empathetic and helpful responses, it is crucial to adjust and update how ChatGPT is pre-trained to respond as necessary so that ChatGPT can improve its responses and provide better customer service.

Implementing ChatGPT Into Your Customer Service Strategy

Small businesses are always looking for ways to improve customer service while keeping costs low, and there are several ways you can do that by implementing ChatGPT into your customer service strategy. ChatGPT can be used to streamline and templatize customer engagement tasks so that human resources can be allocated elsewhere in the business plan.  

AIPRM is a browser extension that you can use to improve ChatGPT. You get access to thousands of pre-generate prompts to help you get the most effective results for your business. Customer support teams can build their own reusable prompts and organize their own Prompt Library.

Tools like AIPRM will make it easier to receive strong and specific results from ChatGPT.

Read More:

Here are a few ways you can plan to implement ChatGPT and AIPRM for customer service:

1. Templatize Responses for Difficult Customers

You can use ChatGPT to create scripted responses for difficult customers. Templatizing a response for difficult customers can alleviate the daunting task of responding and investigating each issue individually.

AIPRM Prompt screenshot for a customer service phone script.

What if we tried this out for an Electronics Retailer?

AIPRM Prompt screenshot for a customer service phone script:

Customer Service Phone Script for Handling Difficult Customers in Retail Electronics
Initial Contact
Customer Service Representative (CSR): Thank you for calling [Company Name] Customer Support. My name is [Your Name]. How may I assist you today?

Identifying the Issue
Customer: [Customer describes their issue]

CSR: Thank you for bringing this to our attention, [Customer's Name]. I'm really sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with [Specific Problem]. I understand that this is frustrating for you, and I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

May I have a moment to review our records and the contract associated with your account?

Customer: [Customer’s response]

Now that we have the issue identified, how can we provide a solution?

AIPRM Prompt screenshot for a customer service phone script:

Pause to Review Details and Consult as Necessary
[CSR takes time to review contract, work logs, and previous correspondence. Consults manager, legal advisor, or colleagues if needed.]

Providing a Solution or Next Steps
CSR: Thank you for waiting, [Customer’s Name]. I've reviewed your account and understand that the main points of concern are:

Issue 1: [Detail]
Issue 2: [Detail]
To resolve these matters, here are the steps we're going to take:

For Issue 1: [Proposed Solution or Investigation Steps]
For Issue 2: [Proposed Solution or Investigation Steps]
For example, if you've mentioned a problem with a device, we will arrange for a technician to visit on [Date] to investigate the issue further.

Does that sound satisfactory to you?

Customer: [Customer's response]

Now we just need to make sure we’re on the same page with the customer.

AIPRM Prompt screenshot for a customer service phone script:

Confirm Understanding
CSR: Great, I'm glad we could find a way to address this. To recap, we will be [Summary of Actions]. I'll make sure to update you on the progress by [Date].

May I assist you with anything else today?

Customer: [Customer's response]

CSR: Thank you for your understanding, [Customer’s Name]. We appreciate your business and the opportunity to resolve this issue for you. Have a great day.

Record and Archive
[CSR records and archives the phone conversation for legal and customer service purposes]

This script is designed to maintain a respectful and professional tone while efficiently addressing the issues at hand. It provides a framework for various situations and can be adapted as needed.

This would work very effectively and naturally can be customized for your business and industry.

How about for emails? Let’s try a similar prompt but one that generates an email template:

AIPRM Prompt: Customer Service Email: Difficult Customers

AIPRM Customer Service Email prompt screenshot

In this example, we’ll try this out for an electrician. We put in a set of policies and here’s the template we get:

Screenshot of AIPRM Output for an email template

Subject: Re: Addressing Your Concerns Regarding [Specific Issue] - Next Steps Included

Dear [Customer's Name],

Firstly, thank you for choosing [Your Company's Name] for your home service needs and for taking the time to share your concerns about [Specific Issue]. I understand that the experience you’ve had has not met your expectations, and for that, I am genuinely sorry for any inconvenience caused.

To address the matters you've raised:

[Issue 1]: [Proposed Solution 1]
[Issue 2]: [Proposed Solution 2]
For instance, if it’s a matter concerning a wiring issue, we will be sending a qualified technician to your residence on [Date] to assess and rectify the situation.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could confirm your understanding of these solutions and let us know if they are satisfactory. If not, we're open to further discussion to ensure your concerns are fully addressed. I will update you on the progress of this matter by [Date].

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to correct this situation and continue serving you.

Best regards,
[Your Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Company]
[Your Contact Information]

Note: Please make sure to consult the contract, work logs, and any previous correspondence to tailor the email as accurately as possible. If the issue is complex, consult with a manager, legal advisor, or colleagues before sending the email. Archive this email and any subsequent correspondence for record-keeping.

It will improve your response consistency by systemizing what should be said, as well as pre-determine possible responses before they occur. Quickly generate templates to use for emails, scripts, and more with a simple prompt like “Create a template that would help customer support reps deal with difficult customers.”

2. Customer Response Messaging

How does it work when responding to an actual email? You simply copy and paste the customer’s email into the ChatGPT interface, and it kicks back a well-crafted, professional response that you can either use as is or tweak to your liking. It’s quick and makes sure you’re hitting all the right notes while staying on brand. Helps you keep up with the inbox without breaking a sweat.

You can improve the accuracy with a prompt like the one below that can integrate specific information about your business.

AIPRM Prompt: Customer Support Response Email for Small Business

Screenshot of the AIPRM Prompt for Customer Support Response Emails Input

Imagine that we took the following email:

Subject: Looking to Book a Grooming Sesh for Fluffy on Sept 20th

Hey Sarah,

Hope you’re doing great! I’m new in town and heard you’re the go-to for dog grooming. Got a 3-year-old Golden Retriever, Fluffy, who’s a mud magnet and in need of some sprucing up.

Can we book him in for a full wash, cut, and the works (nails, ears, you know the drill) on Sept 20th? Heard you’ve got some chill-out essential oil thing—sounds awesome for Fluffy if you can add that in. Any idea on the cost?

And if the 20th is booked up, we’re flexible on dates. Thanks a bunch!

Cheers, Emily Johnson

We’ve added the details of the full grooming package, the chill-out essential oil treatment, and the pricing.

Let’s see what ChatGPT can put together:

Screenshot of AIPRM and ChatGPT output:

Subject: Re: Looking to Book a Grooming Session for Fluffy on Sept 20th

Dear Ms. Johnson,

Thank you for reaching out to us, and welcome to the community! We're thrilled to hear that you're interested in our grooming services.

I'm pleased to inform you that we do have availability for a full grooming session for Fluffy on September 20th. Our comprehensive grooming package for large dogs like Golden Retrievers includes a wash, cut, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. As for the "chill-out essential oil" treatment you mentioned, we can certainly include that as an add-on to create a calming experience for Fluffy.

The cost breakdown for the services you've inquired about is as follows:

Full Grooming Session: $65
Chill-Out Essential Oil Treatment: $10
So the total cost for Fluffy's pampering session would be $75 before tax.

If September 20th does not work for you, we can certainly look into alternative dates as you mentioned you're flexible.

Please let us know if you would like to confirm this booking or if you have any further questions or specific needs for Fluffy.

Thank you for considering our services. We look forward to the opportunity to pamper Fluffy!

Best regards,
Customer Service Representative, [Company Name]
[Contact Information]

An email that might have taken 15-20 minutes to respond to can now take 2 minutes.

3. Personalized Review Responses

You can generate personalized email review responses for your customers according to demographics, interests, and location. Streamlining this will save you time as well as make your customers feel more connected with and seen by your business. You can use this AIPRM prompt to ensure that your emails are specific, detailed, and captivating.

AIPRM Prompt: Review Response Bot

AIPRM Screenshot of a prompt for an online review response.

Let’s put in the following review:

Tucked between a payday loan shop and a thrift store, this place somehow manages to underwhelm even with low expectations. Ordered their “Chef’s Special” Margherita; the crust was soggy, and the toppings tasted off. Service was slow, and yet they charge like they’re serving gourmet. If you value your time and money, look elsewhere.

AIPRM Screenshot of a response output to a review:

Response Option	Review Response
Option 1: Apology & Improvement	Hey Mike, we're genuinely sorry to hear about your experience with our Chef's Special Margherita and the service. No one likes a soggy crust or slow service, and it's clear we missed the mark. We're taking your feedback seriously and will work on these issues to serve you and all our customers better in the future. Hope you'll give us another chance to impress you.
Option 2: Apology & Inquiry	Hey Mike, I'm really sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your experience at our place. We strive for better and it sounds like we fell short. If you don't mind sharing more details, we'd love to know specifically what made the toppings taste off to you. This will help us improve. Again, apologies for the disappointment and thank you for the feedback.
Option 3: Apology & Special Offer	Hey Mike, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm bummed to hear about the lackluster experience you had with our Margherita and service. We want to make this right for you. How about we offer you a complimentary meal on your next visit? This way we can prove we're committed to making improvements and giving you a better experience.

No bad! This might require a little tweaking since the 3 option doesn’t specific the pizza, but ultimately, this is a great set of review response options that are personalized and empathetic.

Best Practices for Using ChatGPT

As with any new technology, it is essential to train your customer service representatives to use ChatGPT effectively whether you’re providing outputs or the prompts that they can use.

Remember: You can create a team and share your own curated prompts.

While ChatGPT is designed to be a user-friendly assistant, it still needs monitoring and to be managed by people who fully understand its capabilities. Here are a few ways to make sure you’re using the platform correctly:

1. Train customer service representatives

Provide a comprehensive overview of ChatGPT: Ensure that your representatives have a thorough understanding of ChatGPT, including how it works, its capabilities, and its limitations. Offer hands-on training to ensure that your representatives are comfortable using ChatGPT.

Encourage them to experiment with ChatGPT to discover its full potential. This will help them to understand how the platform works and how it can be used to address customer service issues effectively.

2. Monitor chat logs

When using ChatGPT, it’s important to monitor chatlogs to make sure that it is giving you a full response, actually fulfilling your request, and not repeating the same thing over and over.

Although you can use ChatGPT to generate a lot of content and resolve a number of issues quickly, you still have to keep an eye on the data to make sure it’s accurate.  It may help to start a “New Chat” if you notice the chat log is getting redundant.

3. Analyzing customer feedback

Collect feedback regularly to ensure that you are meeting your customer’s needs. Use this feedback to identify areas where ChatGPT can be improved and refine your usage strategy. This could include improving response time, providing more accurate responses, or improving the overall customer experience. Act on feedback from customers to improve ChatGPT performance. 

Keep Customers Happy

ChatGPT is a sophisticated AI tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way small businesses manage customer service issues.

ChatGPT can help businesses respond to customer inquiries, handle complaints, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. While there are technical issues to be aware of, if you implement the proper customer service agent training then it is manageable. 

Get even more out of ChatGPT with the help of AIPRM. Our community of prompt engineers has created thousands of prompts to help you get the results you’re looking for faster. Install the free Chrome extension.

With our various plans and features, we’ve got a prompt for every business!

Thank you for reading.

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Customer Support

avatarAlfred Insler

June 09, 2023

Using ChatGPT to Manage Customer Service Issues


Using ChatGPT for customer service makes managing inquiries, complaints, and issues easier, improving response time and customer satisfaction. Get prompts for email templates, responding to emails, and even review responses.

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