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Quality content and prompts that work for you and not the other way around. AIPRM can match tone, writing styles, live crawl URLs, and offer features that aren’t available with just ChatGPT alone.


ChatGPT could be useful if your audience is made up of robots, but for your customers? These platforms should be saving you time, not adding to your work hours to get the results you want.

Accurate Responses

When left to its own devices ChatGPT can provide inaccurate answers forcing you to fact check everything or simplify your requests. 

AIPRM’s collection of prompts have been engineered to respond accurately to your requests, regardless of the topic’s complexity.

Matches Brand Personality

While ChatGPT can create various content formats, the responses tend to be cold and static which forces you to have to rewrite whatever it produces.

Our exclusive features gives you access to a variety of tones and writing styles to create get better results while also giving certain tiers the ability to add their specific brand tones and writing styles.

Open Access

ChatGPT has only been trained up to 2021, so there’s a bit of a knowledge gap. With AIPRM, you bypass this and receive quality, accurate results with our live crawling prompts. 

With AIPRM’s live crawling prompts you can do things like outrank your competitor’s recent post, analyze writing styles, summarize content quickly and more. 

“Best part about this tool, is that it is very helpful for users of all skill levels of prompt generation and use. Even the best prompt engineers out there would find this tool useful to share their public work. You can always learn something by trying one of the many public prompts that are there. I can’t wait for them to add more features. Many people use this tool every single day.”

AIPRM Features

Along with AIPRM’s high-quality engineered prompts, using our extension also gives you access to:

  • Variables – allow you to add specificity to your prompts to ensure consistency
  • Private Prompts – store your own custom prompts in a list only accessible to you
  • Verified Prompts – created in close collaboration between AIPRM’s engineers and our prompt authors. They’re considered ‘production level templates.’
  • Private Lists – organize your most frequently used prompts in a Favorites or Custom list.
  • Prompt Forking – clone public prompts into a private prompts to customize them.
  • Power Continue – create quick commands to improve workflow and output

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AIPRM Prompt Community

We have tons of new prompts in development and being published every day from our community of prompt engineers. Our community forum is also a great place to go to collaborate, ask questions, offer ideas, and more. 

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